Bailing as An Adult

Friday, July 22nd


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That's for making this wedge to the chest congestion out funds are not before want to ice the topic is. We just failed. As an adult now this isn't like an old and is. But on adulthood this is this is the equivalent of running away remember your kid you've got you've met your match. Your Mac you Mani Matty your dad do you throw years. Close. But to the Paris socks you. And is your game boy in a backpack along with a package a Ritz Crackers. And for Oreo Cookies and use of it. You know where you're gonna go. Again. Thick of it I'm out there. Adults do it you actually heard about this when I was on a girls week ends and seminars are telling a story about him on in there in their circle of friends. That went on the beach vacation I herself. For five days. And at two looking to kids under the age of four left him with dad and decided on it and did it within 24 hours. As you reflect I'm just out here and am amounts. And going and I am gone for five days and so and she just left and we were all sitting there going you can do that. That's a lap that's that's possible against her world her life and she just had enough what do you mean allowed light. I just wouldn't do the hack it. Well you you would you not do it because of the K you don't leave kids behind or you wouldn't do it you would be able to do it because. He hasn't worked schedule war. It seems to me that this mom just made the decision and she was fed up she had had enough she's reaching a boiling I'll yeah. And she just went. But that's you don't that's like you know if the a lot of you know and ask your parents permission when you ran away 88 yeah. You but we were all baffled as we never think to do everybody would want to yeah. Nobody would actually pulled Richard after that actually do that's what we're looking for 40474. Line. 9400. Wayne did you ages bell. As an adult when did you yes. Run away. There's ads had enough yet so it's not an about a permissions and if they give asking for permission it right again is this budget. Crying 0%. Once again for 0474194. When you bailed as an adult. I know of a guy who worked in Andy. And was late entry level that we went to college Horry got the job out of you know college and he's crunching numbers and you know please and commercial buys and re of age entry in edit spreadsheets and whatever needs Wendy's. He left work early in their in the morning in the wings to. A panera restaurant. And you'd who's in there was wreaking. It is through his employees called. Manager whatever you do that you. Teetering. On on this. Literally put on an error eight. Helped the guy out figured out that he ignores drove them all this other now. The work their spontaneously and giving I hear it now. Is that manager. If and much have you ever never went back. Like completely Merrill back. You've just offer coffee and bailed you you'll think it was may be. A look. At the cricket. Guy Jenkins and share without. I have my you know and I want any three debt like last year Andy Samberg island. The I don't know anybody I doubt I'd let my family and I got there I didn't have any you know it like it IP. So what was it something that caused you to snap and go lower regions like. And 23 and it. On bringing. In is. Alive and it hit an eight. Like they traveled back tired they don't do it being light regular people who. Week I think we're on the light and the biggie yeah. I'm gonna. And out of the air we. Have no landing an addict clock. How log in las this week salary and early. I did not let a lot of the let. Adds Johnson I we will will keep taking your phone calls or 0474. Winding 94 country. She joined at home to her about me. Now she does it take generated you know. We're 047419400. When it as an adult did you just now just run away and cosmic that's for making this alleged. Indigestion ships out funds are not before one.