Calls on Parenting Your Parent

Wednesday, July 20th


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You have this show should really be called the jazz and chanting usually how does he can't do it without you. Less than World War II 719400. Is still not before one. Taylor's dad went out and date. Newly single I'm assuming back into the dating. And the woman had some dental issues says he would win gate wouldn't say I can't see you again. Amount of weird me out. To. It daughter. I'd tell her dad Kayla is like. You can't or don't do that come up with a different excuse you can't hurt. Like that she had a parent her. Aren't we won that we need to do the same thing. Barbara and wind there. Yeah yeah. And Perry's. Yep. We were gone out and you learn like a little like you're not giving up body. And I had malignant news you put a damper on something else that the so inappropriate. A parent thinks. Price for. Him. And that line rate there is something that every parent at some point in places to go upstairs and that's something else I'm. Tiffany in Gainesville in your plan. Well my mother had at one out of one I thought he'd firemen are able about what happened and it can't tell everybody. Eight he called meet our luckily I want it on the only Atlanta mom. In the paper and hold the button on the idea on all laid out I got it on your. Can't anybody else. I don't favorites list. That means thank you Tiffany. Cynthia in Atlanta. Hi yeah. My parent my mother like once a week so that the and it story and I am on betterment forty she's back in the C. And that really need it bite at it. I. I'm other black wait for and will that smoking quite a bit. Of an illegal but it I'm. Leaving the edit all of our new car and like in the pocket that it clothes and things like that. And for whatever reason he would convince my mother that it was it what it really quiet. So I twenty year old mr. I had keep it out and explain your mother what it was. And why she probably should be on the upper back. I. I'm really like to cook it's just some rig and it's a matter that all the way you heat on immigration nor. I think that. Saying. Now that he and it would not brand that you're something in the they're like forty. Matt all. I. Odds you did you bomb out of me cameras to act as if so preamble and make it happen. I mean Matt about. I hold on what a question I was your mom's grow. Mom. Oh she'd get it she's. A perfect on that matched me. And and you have to plan your. Are. Car implicated. In a Miguel eater and our plan. The situation is spending money in Parker public. By your national Eric Cantor at whoever. Inning and I like mom you can't and that burger or employee or outdoor spot that it actual cancer screening. And do your thing you know. Pretty aggravating. And carry her lower back. You're talking she's your toddler. Knows that it's all right we. Aren't now stuck it. It's these calls seriously wants not this is amazing. Amber and arrow and as they can you hold on for a few more minutes. Okay great year deal with a through both your parents right. All right great hold on illegal last well. And I am not. An. Well why she over share. Well yeah and TR and heat they believe they won't let ticket comment. Relax talk and say. So she think she's writing something like one person and she just publish it that every friend and family member that yes. I. Explain. Up. On. It. And where everything there. Only god for rent control you've got the same app for your mom at that people have further fourteen year old kids. Fantastic all right amber and Carrollton let's talk about your mom offers what are you dealing with the the amount. OK well she did recently divorced yet at. Hand as she got on the dating Nina. And she had a patent of the style minds England's. And hair in it throughout the she was all excited because it really get any bigger car and they went on one date. And then he'd talk to your Turkey day and then whenever I'm popular and people Hurt Locker. And she believed it. I'm not talent yet now I'm like OK remember that you were given me out seen. Completely. Our Brooke and coop who. I and that what you're dealing with the bat. Well. Over the years it seems like the girls have gotten younger and younger and we've always kept about how heated at eight and and now he's dating girl she is unlike. And I will between side at the end of the half oh. Yeah I'm pretty happy you know that. Yeah for targeted. I am happy for him I don't know how well. She's going to be elegantly members need to daughter she's older. And Graham. Might get hurt or the onion now. Mean. It aptly courier or not. I. And think. Like. Me it's like it. The fact that they've been together for a year ago means that she's not stayed within just so he can buy her beer like real through my house so that she can teach him snapped. I paid through it all. I told him whenever we finally met eye as sit down and Egypt until about life and help. That's funny thanks for the call amber thank you appreciate yet. My that was so much better. Everybody's having a parent and I love it thank you know what that is well so. One. Jessie.