Rap Battles

Monday, July 18th


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He's set to star in 941. Very young right now yeah here rat is gonna be here. Did distributed work when I've ever done enough on the rams this morning. Analysts stressed scary. I'm signed up right now the Fed's stress and in headlights likely right now it's not like you love hockey in that area again out is that there on it and yeah Monday morning. When morning rat and knows exactly what it sounds like the winner of the previous week it achieves categories. We pick them at random. And we have. To compose a rhyme about them. This week I selected. Parties who have cut back unparalleled dominance. He's what is yours but not yet. And my is spilling coffee all of yourself on the way to work and in turn Alexa who is filling in for producer David news got a I'd day off today would be Taylor's that's drama it's okay. Who wants to go first and. Chad I think are out are you gonna go for them. Spilling coffee on yourself all the way to work okay that's an I can say it's over. I. I think so. I don't feel the rhythm present. And I like tests. Okay. Need my this can't wait to exit and that copy smell. She and hold my sixth on the X. Now I'm back in my. At Starbucks. Well Willie say and my friends in my hand at work and I also think and speaking dance company that. Does best I need to fix that did locked in tight Jeremiah. Yeah I. Yeah. Quality element of surprise being and I didn't have your madness yeah. Jet. So I Don you're going to be yeah. It was okay. You have a volunteer yes. Once you seconds. Yeah I. Don't win again this years ago last. So bad you guys. Easily the worst I've heard I imparting on an airplane is such a great example me. That terrible great thing. You've got it was pumping up the. Me. I can't tell I. It's so bad he's. Do you need more time now when you do it more time to learn hit harder than. Maybe this fight will go fast we as long as nobody near me is Jessie Davis may have. Some things and ask the people. What's that smell is the heat or maybe a bad idea of me. Cavities filled with a stinky tree. I. Send me I'll Jackson said it best. He shouted out better than all the rest when he cried out and got it up he's jazz. Obviously. I still can't. It's. A really good. That's what I really that's the essence of united that is what you Wear predicting. The fact that. And yeah. And it's a dominant. You know people please think that the loan also it was tough to Kanye West on the phone. Also analysts try to name Calvin thought if she's lying to pitch she can do no wrong. That's you can ask Katy Perry. They did he asked me that girls kinda scary she hates Taylor Swift and I don't know why this blame Hollywood for other Jon K I. They don't like I. They'll load your feelings I have very. So far had no idea these are good now I had no idea and really yeah. Up in the air still I think who do you feel like the person to be guys who are you feeling. For a I mean internal accidents like. Hey came out with a fly 5000 unexpected surprise and a good. I think that the terrorists are you scared. Lately it's not yeah England. I got it. All these people are hanging in the heart Jason invisible animals from just start. The bombing over an app called a few months ago I haven't downloaded it I don't know who they're talking about it he stops and it involves not paying attention they're running into walls castings for girls the best and eighties is against Adam falling off of let's test him used to getting away. I. Yeah we're. Again. Going to incidents beating your Pokemon and whatever else like death rap skills are tied the game put it on myself. Yeah. I feel it did I think is Alexa. Marino I'm. My. Congratulations. Tonight. Big topics and I take them. At that point did they do this to you with us for. Sorry you got I get dethroned snowy they can't. I'm proud of our little intern. And job. Sons are not before one that.