Jeff's Reverse Game 3

Friday, July 15th


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And she oh sorry. Ready for a one time. By itself. Maybe this. The concept ways. Was this that if you. We'll play a sentence as. Hello do you have any rooms available this evening and he hit a button and this piece of software that that radio stations that politician it reverses. Mean these civil William as an arena don't eat well. Mike dollars and for EU agenda save gas means be civil all of us an arena don't eat well. We have hit the reverse button and then it would say the low do you have any rooms available this evening. Well Internet. It's really. Really wasted the past thirty. Cents. However Marino did take the idea you were okay and reverse it worked some magic you reversed. All he said while we're seeing here is we hear him from his studio. Olney. Which rich ago. Either way anti nights though in ads in first our rights. This is Jane's. This is this is she says Texas. The right way back he has backwards yen and Yang notices which he says Marie of these small round but. That's what he says in this is that reversed. My boy I don't you move me around. I can't get a load every rooms. Of don't you move me around. Yeah. And it. But what I don't you move me around it sounds about. A floating everywhere I. Yeah here's yet it's used here Matt read about it all. And this is this that reversed a long. And how many Iran. I'm wrong and how many ram this. Got. Okay. We LA. For. Each. Now. I think we need to read that it's July. July declaration of independence. Declaration. Back next week. I'm happy. I reached. Out and I'm so excited that they made it thank you very I've way to get rid of it long and Khomeini Iran. I'm glad I have yeah. Starring. He's 41.