Jeff's Reverse Game 2

Friday, July 15th


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Light lunch and share that conversation continues league championship on FaceBook. Search star in 941 Atlanta. Can we got some feedback and the Internet battered that segment and put together here Hank so just wanna say thank you very much. To cliff Harris and who wrote that was not good so. Then cliff and Conan. Ten K as slowed it down general lynch is that it reminds her of Missy Elliott song work it. Now it's time Nicklaus accuracy on its counted and so we're gonna root we slowed it down your ID yeah brilliant strategist jot notes. Well that was another suggestion on Twitter that I palace Smart rate notes. Yeah just rate the original sentence in the and. All the Amir. Helo do you have any rooms available this evening and we reversed it. Slowed it down. Mean these civil Gloria that's an arena maybe well life. Doesn't talk to me in these civil Gloria listen or re never eat well. In these civil Gloria listen or read it and if you've peace treaties. That's the Harvey reasonable plan that's the hard part is re trying to retain it and we're going to appease the picky I. Mean these civil Gloria listen here. Meehan knee so Bob brave us. How did you. Mean these civil Gloria listen or read it. It is he sang a boy and yes. And we got that part time got a mean visas globally and that's an arena maybe well look. Marina ovation when but. Mean these civil Gloria that's an arena maybe well. Maroon. Mean he's civil bullying at an arena maybe well life Mario Britain. I thought. Not looking at me and that's not. Your brain remember it and in regards needed. Mean these civil Gloria listener re never be well marina by Shea. Hold. Why is that funny that's what it's paid. Mean these civil Malia listen arena maybe. Life. Matt read have a head. And all. It. It's a terrible oriented and I we'll see how quickly we can add it will Steve we mean we have part of that fact my many in Atlantic machines that. Today especially thank you so much listening to talk about access. Jeff contentious. Process since I'm so sorry for one.