Jeff's Reverse Game Part 1

Friday, July 15th


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Yeah its schools. Jessie Shen shell sell eighty. Jab got a great idea listen to me marina you've got to follow me on it to be okay you gotta be a part of this cash. He made me nervous because when he he said it was in radio gold and I was going to be embarrassed some scale of one to about talent there are some about it's I embarrasses the wrong word okay. Ma'am bit maybe. I write this and listen this is this. I think this is brilliant and I think this is going to be so much right away. Here is the thing I was messing around we've Somalia and the Villa and realize that it's technology makes everything so fascinating and so. So easy and so much fun because you can do things. In an instant that would have taken forever. Conyers computers are great so. There is a piece of software and every radio person and it's called audition. My company Adobe. Adobe has a one button. Trick that allows you to read verse. The audio it's being played OK back and makes a play backers so for example. This is something that. I ask what is the line masters. Kay and hello do you have any rooms available this evening. KK. Hello do you have any rooms available this evening hit one button on addition it sounds like this. Mean he Sybil in an arena don't eat well. Can't. Wait can I mean he's able earlier this arena we well. Right OK okay so here's my theory. If somebody was able to say this. In recent globally and in the arena to be well. Some he's able to faith that ha. And then we hit the reverse button. You'll gave vick's hello do you have any rooms available this evening. You follow it. I'm Alina right to start backwards not us. You. What I think we should do. So we've got K Kelly is recorded our producers he's recorded a conversation. With the hotel. And just one side soon be something along the lines. Thanks thanks thanks for loan and Marion but hello do you have any rooms available this evening reassured we have problems you know evening wonderful. What is the going rate for a basic rim all 149 dollars. Excellent Izard discount if you're Tripoli member who has raised 10% off of products and to make a reservation. K so all you have to do Jen is safe yes. Mean he's it will give us an arena to be well my or is it there in new middle. Offer enormous military I hitter is now theaters or him it's nice have a clock and you say that when you first say you should be able to book a hotel. Okay. This could be how many times I get to hear it before I have to do it is usually attacks are. I just worked on this off the year though right when I'm practicing at right now I'll out hourly. Yeah we're doing right now Maria can you of course you need to record a pen in new additions Weaver sir. According Sanaa. It's an. And I I I try. And this is what you need to say. In east it'll well in an arena we have a set of facts and law wrong. In east it globally in the arena will be well. Tried. In east it globally that's an arena pretty well. I can't raise Cain and do OK one more time. In east it'll well in an arena pretty well. It like there's no even begin marine team and that can often don't know. I also library to retain it long enough. To regurgitate it. He's at the arena and he. This is really down. I. Just naturally try to get my just tired to drive from -- out at night right in my brain can't. I think we're gonna have I truly can't return regurgitate it try and all on. It. Bring cannot retain long enough and here's a read your knees. Were attacked right. I want to hit it continued. Oh. Let me urge that the. So Maroon 5 notably through trying to you know take as we can we interest we can slow it down right yeah Marino gathering that's okay we'll slow and turning Maroon 5 I can't imagine you can try to. This is communities and globally of us in the arena maybe Larry really sorry guys that are listening this them. It's. Talking before one.