All the Feels - July 13, 2016

Wednesday, July 13th


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On this show should really be called the jazz and chanting you shall we because we can't do it without you. It's from World War II 7419400. Fish don't know before whined com news for the million. Feels Helen billion. Did show don't. All the field is where we scoured the Internet and find some good news stories though a bit more challenging to find every. Especially as the news cycles it dominated by. Every bad thing that's happening in the world and you know anxiety will march on like good news we try to find every team went in a segment we call. All the fields and we're gonna kick it out ways woman named Nicole from Griffin who is responding. At this hour plus who doesn't understand why everybody's obsessed with chasing cartoons. I nickel. Or more roll. You get to operate there and explain to her what pokey man go to. I play in this hour it wanted to know what we get out of the whale I get out and it it hurt that mind. I then barely at that that gained a lot of weight and lack of my app never you know it. Well. And a lack. Four days. Abdallah ethnic aren't and number one and it gave me and my picture out daughter's an awesome did he get their act where every day. And I loved that and count in fort day. And it went out. I am I doing that. All them and my daughter you love. That network card here is that it off. Very positive. Saying. You know it's not it's running around like it is it's given me something great and I'm happier. Days. Well seven pounds is great good idea that you could do that sandwich at some point. Now. Are angry that you you're eating you're eating like real food you know use. A bad thing and now every morning I. All the fields from Nicole anger and think he's semis. And we have a very special guest for this week's edition of all the fields. I want you to its economy. Are how are out there were murdering. We are great and so excited to hear about the way that you are celebrating your thirtieth birthday. And trying to put some really good stuff out in the world. Don't know about him on account targeted campaigns 330000. Dollars I like mine in a project by my thirtieth birthday. It's going really well we've done that and all of currently an act and so far where you get it eat it 20/20 thousand dollars for it felt like I got back. Wow how is she and her thirtieth birthday in his big fund raiser for animals. And she is a dog lover just like so I knew you would loves me nearly units and Alex are like Doug. Soul mates how long it why and how long have you been working on this goal. Month right now exactly three months to raise it thirty. There are okay. That's an ambitious goal. It would really hairy and actually the Mac came out right after it 333. Dollars per. And tank. And you are ahead of or behind track right now we on track I'm good where you create a little bit. Albert 20000 dollar are we've got eighteen days black. And right now into the back you know we like light actually not pulling Albany and you know I'm trying thinking mechanics see an. That's amazing you know donations from one end and lifeline helps animals. And go to shelters that are no kill shelters. Likely democratic actually run well I'm in services and accuracy into the apartment. On the air rat. Here that the Philippines. She shelters. And actually may have me Lian an airport like why in a track record for the goal. That's awesome well congratulations. And you know I'd. On behalf of the jet engine show ends on any four line will send you a check for 333 dollars sitting cross today off your Eleanor. I don't think you sound you very lonely and what you do any given us all the meals all the information and a link to view is website online right now. It started. We'll run it down. Young star. More or.