Chick-Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day

Wednesday, July 13th


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She I'll star. Are. Yesterday. For the Asia. You're just outlined there is usually rumored now on the court. Although I did. So we're on the studio to the serious news producer David now entered Geneen and to and I marina and let's comes. And somebody realizes that it needs to have a crowd whatever it's called it chick filet which means if you shop and how passed him. Right is the billboards and out and how past and they give you. You get for your favorite. And we know David is obsessed with check. And free food no matter where it is surely you eat it explains a lot it's really answer that like it's almost like almost everyday Athens. It's so easy attractive than pop and nuggets at home and that's honestly. So David says I'm it I'd do this I'm gonna get to work and try to find a cab pass him. And Carrington Janine is I'm an intern I'm I was hungry. So when jet and I left the building yesterday David and gene were plotting. We plotted out plotting for one sandwich now they are plotting for breakfast lunch and dinner. And then some because. I thought I'd be called to do. Five different costumes at five different six flakes went over and talked to Maria at Norris nor I nor Costco costumes. And in midtown. And she hooked me up with a costume I got there. I saw there was another cost him for two people who thought. Maintaining get with me and we went to chick filet. Here's the first picture of the account. Now you whereby explain how because. If I understand that your your objective was to see how little you can get away to see that what led by all of how package you'd freeze and. I mean let me get away with all a huge cut costs and I wanted to see. How little gambling with with just a shirt that we literally. Bought a shirt a white T shirt and wrote on it move period. OK and so that was one of the stops and that you've played in the cussing club and we played in the Cox and time that act as is really awesome. What do you think I got for this on my god. Just looking at David's and a full on Perry cab pass him I mean this let messed. It's a math guy and will be hosting these up with these pictures from outside and the death in these things that fateful rift. And the mood out there. I. Q how did it but it is definitely Kelsey you're wearing the full first news and in the ball and it's like. Hard solid Ike could. See the nose. And I made the mistake wearing eyeglasses yesterday with flocking definitely. My faith in lines like I urged Arab guy sadly I think it's of that yet. The woods yet got a full meal yeah. Are theoretical that would lower than it is a different. It better way to go what's that Qassam nor nor consular Moscow you know 'cause if you go there this is anyone that's asked him it's under panic now. That's definitely one to lure people into it with the. Because you are not pets with that the equipment that a. Who accused him in the basement my daughter's. But yet again with that type of that the little more. A little lower key to getting to and from your arrival at the confidence. To. Finish last which did duties and and this project. Mean half hour. Antonin angered with your favorite game in turn hurt. That day and I. Quick and David just wearing sort of age. Helmets and now. That your whole face an. Action. I. Darn cute in this that they eighties. Yet yet and you got you're wearing yeah you're wearing eight Damascus that the carrier fees be wearing. How it here not there yet. Annuities and that's it for tree. That. Different people and. We met we and we worked our way from like. Right where I live in black and all the way back toward these. Yet and you can't it can't enforce it exactly you've got to move. Mood around the idea and force him to from the same estrogen is utterly ridiculous. Enough. Here is an excellent I'm just holding a hell mask and stuff. I get your alarm their well it looks like you know decapitated. It's seen out of the Al godfather I can't children I thought it was going to know these kids up like he put it on picture with me. I don't have their own. Oh. So. Okay so we knew walked into the restaurant you put them and honor you'd walk in a daring the counted in being like music I RE warned that. Mascot and ones that it asked again it was going to. And and it's not anything I'm guessing yes no way. Right now and they offered me free on straight. I got an attorney. And then I tried to talk him into giving me more likely Annan today apparently. Is bull crap no country for area. I thought that counts it's okay. I so is that the lowest that you also the lowest as I literally. Stop on an issue. That's what would Jesus Americo. Pity if you have to ask your ask you thought. Loved everybody. That's it. Just like totally they would do anything beat I thought what is the only thing you know I literally gotta light teacher wrote nude. And again. Better at that. Do period to mail here and that's it there's no way they can't give you. There's no way he's holding a sandwich and that the this made me nervous until I as soon as I walk again I blocked. Yeah. Collette are highlighted yet I think answering whether. That it made that you went four for four and it actually. Five for five. He I got to fit not to expect it to person costumes. Jenny was so awesome because he was Mike the news. Easter I've got to. Her coach you mean cal with the. Domination had a baby and yeah. That I felt I did. Some. Is suffocating in the us. It was pretty equal. Passion. Film anywhere RU. So are you gonna stooped over yeah. Your hand and David waves I don't think it. Is playing OK so you just means to you just had a rout over. And you don't walk through the part you had to get out of a car. In June 5 blocked heart Florida through apart into a door. And what do they do that in side giving balanced. The only people are taking their picture. RA and I hit the ground. How many and which is not only did I get a full free meal but Mike Booth to the oh. I question burgeoning real quick how does this factor into your daily internship Columbia. I write about your activities of yesterday your son and 41. To read. Here's what were your gonna put these pictures on line they're gonna going online and just a few minutes and that a month FaceBook page that dialogue. And ended two for picture where it's David and Geneen. The picture I really want to see is that when those three seconds later and at times around the corner. It is horrified. Rare spotted before Eid Al pocket the before eyesight before I'd worn out pot. Which by the way reminds me that is a rare Pokemon I need it before side. We instead it's actually answer for topic today I. Jump start. Orange.