Ghost Hunting: Jason Isn't Giving Up

Tuesday, July 12th


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Yeah and she and solid and we just went ghost hunting for Jason. And we tracked down there we will go hunting for hunter and a ha got some answers for him hey Jason you there. Yeah here did you hear all that. She's had a boy Fran one. I think European guys mocking. In. One alone mom. Did you hear since that mine. Yeah. I think I think you resist playing up that Portland thing. I think it was for radio. You don't think she has a boyfriend. I think issued she's dealt with them because it's what we have partnered it was on target it was lectured. And she's ignoring your phone calls your text messages that you. Are. Acting acting acting maybe he's one of those creepy boyfriend to relate. You know check protections stuff. And who hadn't thought of that. I give Jason staff. She gives him her phone number but she panics. Lola you don't have to panic I mean you could just say in a moment I'd love to but I have a boyfriend whatever thinks or she could have given you the wrong number. But she gave you her real number number. Adding that Atlantic Madison. I checked about a hole I feel that we shouldn't be encouraging him. I'm not an up or do anything crazy but I obviously you know you what you said my name it was as you can you could hear boy. Yeah. And I are serious. Right now. I think it's and he may be she's different. Our. Or shot that Politico can't. It definitely comes back. At it it there's a wedding invitation had been worried. I. Thank you Jason good luck. Thank you I can't believe after she says that she has a boyfriend I can't believe your coal encouraging him to do it. Because I just feel like boyfriend could have been made have you ever see you're so if you ever been in a situation where you just and it can get a guy or number. There's now that's on the girl's home now. I mean obviously she's like cool and a good conversational as it sounds like she might be kind of flirty. Been. Somebody hit it this has happened to her before you ask for a number four don't give that number are right. Cover up and take your word for Jeff intentions aren't any for one's. One. Jessie.