Ghost Hunting: Jeff and Jenn Talk to Hunter

Tuesday, July 12th


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Are not before one okay Terna Nande. I'm Justin Jan shelf all the well. Yesterday morning where he met some. Jason yes statement one investigator ghost hunting for him because he had a spark connection limit on the ponting and he met a woman named hunter. They had a really great connection really hit it not. And it was when their boats were entangled so. Let's get on tangled she knows her way he goes his and she hasn't been responding to his tax or. It's not that it could give you did reach out a few times he's worried about becoming a star so we're going to track down hunter. And see if she remembers decency with deal list. Here's what you do when you don't wanna be perceived as too eager creepy if you collar radio station she said. Hi. Jason you hold and you lift and gain. And we will dial on turn now and yes this erratic on it right there. You are on hold its. Yeah. A. Hello hi this honor. Hey. IE it's the jet engine it's starting before line and thank you for agreeing to come on Linux. Hear a lot and I having an ice and I. Odd calling on behalf of a gentleman named Jason and who. Over the holiday weekend use banquet at a time wave on upon two and vote. At the lake. Yes tied up together. There's some energy some connection between the two view all of traded phone numbers by. You have not heard ansari he has not heard back from you'd despite a few texts and phone calls and he just wants to wonder. And he just wants to know if everything is okay between two view they sent in mediators. And. In the yak. If you remember. Yeah. Yeah its really when you know we have we. If fighting. Asian. Lou all the boats were out we can't argue. Let. I think right. I mean I have a boyfriend. And he was actually on one of I have. That he knew that and so when asked you know from an amber I thought it was you know grateful. You know pretty cocky near as bad. I wouldn't leisure had a response and I'll tell. Seagate is the real number. Right I'm not really edit lying are making up stuff so I you know I mean has it okay well. Did you hurt your boyfriend see any of that connection go around between you and Jason. Well I mean we didn't. We I didn't think it was so weird. Over and actually you know he was tied atop you know and and everything but you know I mean. You were. Making out or anything like that it is just like he's that guy and I was talking. I kept saying but I mean I yeah I read yet and I'd just didn't respond. Back. I don't know I mean I'm sorry I didn't really mean would be weird. It's its mind and I think he just wanted to know what was not because he felt this really cool connection with the but obviously you're not feeling it on the side of things. I was really pretty and and Ernie IE enjoyed talking with them in now I mean we were trying to stop them. Yeah. I totally get what thank you for being candid listen envelope will let him know. We'll let him know that there's like a disconnect or whatever. Yeah I mean on our air and we mare like I would it's been dating for a couple of years. It's not something that would be. You know Andy any crimes in so. You don't have that you're due to death of Ron you don't have to feel that it's totally cool. Okay thanks that's. They hear. Welcome thank you effort for coming out yeah I think you are right we will come right back here in about three minutes and we will talk to Jason and get him out of without the case in just a minute and the Jeff contention. One. Jessie.