Ghost Hunting: Jackson Searches for Hunter

Monday, July 11th


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Star in 941. A holiday weekend edition of ghosts I mean Jimmy Fallon eleven man team goes 08. A little quick to pounce on Britney she's changed your country roots are you know pick. It object and she completely vanished hey Jason without. Paging. Your fine. So tell us about your. Brief relationship with hunter. Man and see if it's gorgeous. I you know I. Totally. Helper all of applaud her for her eyes. I mean she's incredible week you know like those people that you meet aegis aegis immediately without its market back in their eyes. There rookie year like this is got a pretty this if this is the person this is the person for awhile. Schools something magnetic about her so how do yeah it's weird how did you guys meet on a boat. So we are currently over two again. And we somehow our platoon kind of got tied up to each other I have no idea. Who exactly would suit. Shoot next vehicle while we kind of circled the conversation and hit it off. And you know drinking might have been involved. The most part that figures as Flickr real genuine connection. Just talking and talking about it so much in common. And it was really so is thick and charged atmosphere and so. You know what we kind of had to go our separate ways eventually died. Of course that's her number. And you gave me. Well that was. Those critical. And then should I reached doctor. And have not heard back yet. How many times have you reached out to her and that week or so it's and cents. You guys hung out. What it is a waited days you know I texted and that maybe you get that experts are again. And then. Well I take it one more time. And then I'd call it that thought maybe one of those weird thing where checks with short game let. That didn't work out here across. Just feel I'm not quite as doctor yet. But I ago more equipment remotely. I also looked you know trying to. Just fine. Underneath Seagram. And act out her picture if that's the name. Like I don't know the last thing this is kind of private that it her. You know question Buick owner might you know pictures all of that. They are not stalking yet you're just very eager and persistent. Is he too bright either he's really way too persistent or it's really romantic and putted. You ladies no I don't do this a lot and so I think it is sacred here in connection with someone. You'd be stupid not to go for. I'm on here so we'll do this time tomorrow we will call her for you. I you'll get to listen into the conversation but you don't get to interact with their allegiance to listen and wall ask her if she felt that seems sort of energy. That you are feeling. And if she guys. And we'll connect the two of you and she doesn't at least you know yeah. Yeah calculate should she did she did that oh. What. You know. It's been a weakness eight times echo all right well I will call her at this time tomorrow will document thank you. Some critics. Star in 941.