Bridesmaid's Plan to Save Her Friend's Marriage

Friday, July 8th


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And Jen genre goes. Jeff King James show listener Lorraine joins us right now because she wants us to support her idea. Did she admits. Is a little bit crazy which he makes it compelling argument for what she's about today hey Lauren we love crazy halo aren't. Hi good morning hey. And yet this kind of crazy. I have we had girls' weekend kind of I'll blame my very good girlfriend we went away and you know we had. A lot of wine and you can imagine and. That's a girl's weekend RA isn't isn't gonna is gonna wind night on a road trip yeah. Girls again and book clubs a lot of Anthony and the. A lot of lines and at one of my best girlfriend bridesmaid in her wedding. She came back. All of us. That her marriage is falling apart. And it really that because she was basically saying. I'm not constraints David. What kind of way. What did you think he. She sent you know she's going to be an answer is not having affairs that's not it. But she got these front airplanes. And publicity and a power that hang until they're eighteen. It's huge and it's done and done. So what's wrong. I get a nice. And it is so now what which it hopes what it was like she talked about like. Every once in awhile all. In the back. Like 34 years ago he would come home early from work not the child her and he would cook. Tenor like to make their how to look like a restaurant you know and and it. The heat then get different house needs is something special like the application do these things. He didn't do him anymore and he says he is kind of phoning it in and you know into that what is Indonesia can meet me at that. But in that bride's maid in I don't know if you know like I'm a Christian in in our Christian weddings if you know we. Everyone there in the chairs an outlet to report sent in to those who loved them and I remember doing. And feeling that way and either way he's my good friends and though. Feel like I say let. To be there for this a couple of Alex Steve be different than men running decent thing about I expect any more engines at five watcher. That her marriage go that this is time land calling you because my plan right now. And whether recap your husband. I mean we have a proxy. Day you know. I'd been executed help you I want it help you save your marriage. You know what helped guide you and and me. You know I think worst case he's dead now he tells his life with my friends we talk about being friends. But I have to kind of take its threat to pick Ryan has. You know that the date they were they paying you need some help and I don't know I I feel like that Ali and Earl within our group of friends anyway in me me. I don't know it's something I feel I just sort of need Tokyo. So you're gonna go to him. And you're are you is your plan it did say. Hey your marriages falling apart go fix it. Or Asia or planned to. Help him fix it without telling her. I want helping him into the I want to help him make it better without telling car. Like to put those things back in in their area today you know I had the knowledge now that of the things that. You know leader happen army seemed like he compared to. And I'd like to remind him what those things were so good act several years ago and now. So yoga ham you'll have coffee with him and say hey if you by Iain I will spy for you we've her. And give you feedback. Says UK and continue to do things that help her. But your friend will feel like it's authentic because. She won't know that your behind. These new gestures in these new things that he's going to be doing. That's. I actually think it's Jeanne you do I think he's really genius you don't think it's a little. Trees and meddling. It is but she's doing it for all the right reasons her heart's in the right place and I think she really could sit there and it's. Which is which is like just what she said she was doing when she stood up for them when he tied an. I mean I think this is actually really cool the only thing is that your friends. Your girlfriend can never find now. That you were doing. I ever ever like even think of that same band over the mass marriage ever in a year. And here on the next girls weekend drinking wine you cannot tell her. The U helped him. Now. I'm not that hangs person imminently Beijing pay ticket client actually got up. But I'm not mean you know we've. We are said that we laid. We would help that we would that we outside then her demeanor remembered this within you know as a bridesmaid and we're still all very close and it just. I don't know that means something to me though. Yeah yeah so that's where I am right now and I feel like. Worst case we should we're not friends anymore about how to write and I reach out to try to save their marriage. And there's cute kids involved in the you know thinking what I would line. Well please keep us posted. And it's an email that did great after the top team and you back and the and I'm a good luck. Oh. I kind of half we didn't want it like say. In my scare early and make these pro. I'm Jack most of it but the yeah engines Yahoo! goes.