David About Town: Music Midtown "Bands"

Friday, July 8th


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And Jen genre goes. Music midtown announced their fantastic lineup a couple of weeks ago everybody's so excited. About the weekend coming up full of music at pima park September 17 and eighteenth. And looks good. The killers Twitter and pilots back who has seen in consummate is an outstanding. Concert. Atlanta's own big blow away from outcast cash share. James bay aids and pretty fantastic you know Saturday and Sunday in Atlanta September 17 and eighteenth. It's gonna be an awesome shows a producer David hit the streets is that's what he does he talks and the people. To find out what they're excited about and David about Townsend this statement about town. You were talking about music midtown right. I was talking music midtown the lineup and I love the line at the you talked about you mr. feuds I did I miss some bands a guy who got so you missed bands like. Breck sit. Rex you mean the sound the decision have from Britain to leave the European Union yes paying for the people I talked to didn't really know about the fifth okay. What do you. Like most about the leads finger of wrecks it. Yes there really play. Or at. The music midtown lineup was just announced. Are you really excited about the new band breaks it performing. Absolutely I think. I can't. What about the song. We're ready to leave do you think it has five that you're looking at a wherever it's held at the. Yeah I think it's definitely something completely happy if I thank you look to pop a little bit of light. The rock thing I mean I just really excited I think it's going to be something Marie I usually there. Racks it in music made that funny sixteen with their hit song we're going to we're ready to leave the fifth. I'm really excited and big boys gonna be there and I wanted to wrap represented. So I asked different people. About the new wrapper Kirby Smart. Actually. The head coach at Georgia it. What do you think about them including Kirby Smart in this year's lineup. I think it's cost them yeah it's Saturday Graham exciting don't see him. The music midtown might have just came out and what do you think about that including Kirby Smart this year in the lineup. He's actually has really it's obviously easier to get initiate an entry in the increasing. And its online it was just announced and they are gonna bring Kirby Smart in the. And then the fifth. Hello this interrupted because like acting like C news who you line oil and being a part of it. I wanted to go one more time with this crazy man named Steve people. Could finally get it I talked about the new family band the lay ministers. There's is there doesn't stick gave that they gave us an I right exactly and so. Here. Hipper than there are people the boy band. That music midtown lineup just came out for this year and the ministers are performing the faintly group what do you think about that. I think an amazing end to break. He's in the talent it just came down and the investors are gonna perform in the probably get form their new song winter's coming. And so I have to. I heard that on anything about it. It's so folksy kind of greens rock you know very family oriented types of really really. A. I added to the music midtown line Brett sit Kirby smart's and the blasters will make a note of that group that immediately is should be a killer so guys fit that. Yeah genre goes.