Office vs. Kindergarten

Thursday, July 7th


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One. Engine shop there's things that happened in offices and the only place they happen. He is in kindergarten about. Again that was our office and a kindergarten are very similar to me very much the same thing and I. A list that points all of these out in the most hilarious way it's okay you you ever worked in radio stations right out. Of cubes and offices when I really think in any workplace d.s apply all right okay yep. Number one. Be they were walking in for pre scheduled performance would still be less exciting than surprise it's an act. That is true okay yet while slowdown everybody is that there's not brownies for every line right yeah I think there's not much more exciting famous celebrity imminent. Number two the person who brought the snacks. Is stuck cleaning them up because everyone else dines and gases. I think that's true. Right yeah and that's exactly what happens in offices and in kindergartens. And read the garbage never quite ends up in the garbage can. In the office and in kindergarten just images it let it sit near you for a while and then forget about it. There's well there's always one person his like mad. In it of these papers it doesn't quite make it into the average standing. Winning OK okay this also happens in offices and immigrants at least one person manages to be all over every toilet seat once today guys. Kindergarten. Best. There's also the same person doesn't flash. And in kindergarten personal space is taken very seriously here. Ask you guys a question Marino this is creative. I am I the only one who is nervous about the bathroom that's straight across the hall from the studio what makes you nervous about it. Dead. And that a lot of flush power nickel it really doesn't and it's those automatic clusters yeah look well there's a button and if you really hold the button down. You'd implicitly to retreat and Mary do we do there. And I don't need you guys and now how recently entered my vitamin you don't have Zion and the other guys I have a yeah. I have. I write sorry to interrupt you guide what else offices and kindergartners kindergarten classes have 1000 pound. Your desk is like your cubby in kindergarten. You know it's like everybody takes them a whole lot of pride in mapping your own personal space thank you desk is your company you put your things in there. If somebody else gets near your stuff. He that you get all territorial about it there's an issue yeah I'd just like in Canada and if they still you will be out of your country. You've got there very very Matt yeah they say in kindergartens and offices theft runs rampant yup Wright's name. Your body is your body for life. That's true like the person you always go to the bathroom and go have lunch read their office happy hour. That the you'd like if you have a best you can apparently also like your buddy I hope everybody has an office he totally. Also. You are walking in to ink you misses of clay get. Yeah now in kindergarten and the office there's a bully always yup and last but not please everybody needs an. I'm envious of the opposite and the mappings Amber's. So well it should be delivered any. Finally. Enjoy the show star in 94 blind that.