#TBT: Favorite Summer Songs

Thursday, July 7th


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One. Shall we have fourth of July behind his Jan it is officially. Some car and it is the first Thursday of the month so it's time for a little. Throwback that are. Oh yes this is going to be so much fun we do it. V music version of throwback Thursday instead of posts and pictures online week. Go back into our music archives and use selected theme for this week which is everybody's favorite some songs these are the songs that make. You just totally go back in your memory remember going rates. These screams summer Tia now. Of course because some of us are over achievers we submitted more than one song and I will start way that Marino okay. I don't know what to think it is Marino this is. Concerning. Yeah. It's called summer girls was a matter Tucson. Yeah yeah. So. The that was his songs like three is the strength and lyrically. The worst written zone. Thank eastern Chinese food making me sick in my. Now it is pretty parent knows about a week yeah yeah. Ten years ago. And how Iowa instincts and again this is six. This is a Marino's. Father. TT. I can't believe that ten years ago and it nearly killed all them. I've mellowed and I got Elijah and you us estimated Tucson so yes I could decide between these tickets. One just to hear on the radio does he think about summer and then the other one is the real summer summer OK I don't know what this when he has been I'm not afraid to admit that I like it announcer can a guy and I have never been ashamed of play in this. That it was a time when I saw video. For this on and house 90 rule the drummer in this famous hot. And I arrived at travelers it. Fourteen year old boy. And Brazilian media about summer. Yes. And then Jan seconds on is the same as the ones on the David cement. Have you guys on the same wave line. Seeing these are. It's. So much fun it's so summer isn't it really is kind of keep Hillary. I'd I'd pick a few songs I pick one if you wanna rock it's. I just remember Eric I think it came out in the summer and has its -- connected yeah summer memories. We think yeah I wanna be an outsider. And and that shortly consultant said that one is that connected this summer and then. This current rate here I remembered specifically this must be late ninety's I think Marino. Yeah I've late ninety's says this in a van. Early eighties for this he lady easily as he was like it might have been like 1990. Okay yeah I'm because I think this is connected to high school from me and I graduated. In the early and it's now. Early nineties today. 1990s that. And I think the reason that that song is so connected right because I think the group of friends I have now with who has obviously by Judy's and a bunch of girls. And they would be the lines. To get to pick the music they would play. Everywhere so we go to lake aren't and it's the girls taken out to do that. I hit it behind us with the though this one is the one that's gonna be in my head all day. And as I celebrate I kind of hate it for. You. We absolutely ninety's music. Institution and it went around. Think we should push for a picnic weakening and that kind of bring you back up on things that certain death and Jimmy. State schools. People stacked up. You can see them with eighteen to get them because its way. Between. This concludes. One. Appreciate Shia.