Ghost Hunting: Jeff and Jenn Get Brian's Reaction

Wednesday, July 6th


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Itself star in 94 lines gonna wrap up ghost hunting with a final conversation with Brian now we just talked to you may Andy. Who no showed her shift is a server O'Brien's restaurant and M Bryan bust hitter going out with friends because of social media. URL. Laughing your late when you're listening. So frustrating you know frustrating and it just you could just hear the entitlement coming right arm but it is. You know oh I'd I'd I'd deserve this I'd like why deserve a million dollars. I I bet you deserved day off to confront the. On exactly why haven't had a there and two years so you know about like that can figure that stuff just did. Just shows. How frustrating it can be employed want something in today's. Image that's just it it's very frustrating. I will tell you that man the I feel your pain after talking. Mean saying that you oh wow. Well thank you Brian so what's manes future leave your restaurant he she it and the and the schedule next go around her is she gone for dead. Blog and talk it over with the manager but. Basically. And it encouraged that a strong policy beat good ways and you know maybe we call up the ghost worship. Bryant now you go to your fighter. Yes and I think I mean gutless and I don't know. What how I'm not gonna to interfere in like that running in a business or whatever but like she said this sentence. Let her attitude is sometimes it's better to ask forgiveness than permission. Which is a funny thing to say when somebody admits it they're basically saying. I'm not gonna be a trustworthy and reliable employee. Like I think that's grounds. To fight here. Not efforts grounds of fire her but he's an managers like wait she's adds that the manager has this. Count for something and if she passes to ask forgiveness than maybe you've won your shooting and I mean. But he. I. It's an example of nothing else sees she's a sacrificial. Millennial she didn't seem like really friendly perky which you want in your restaurant. You also want a stripper. She can find other popular. The. Well Brian decision making she's gonna kite today. Apologized. Thank you for brain active it's. Yeah appreciate and I. And am sorry that my radio partner here's intriguing entitlement. No lane meals and yeah every time. I go back. I ever back in my day. So it's are in 94 blind.