Ghost Hunting: Brian Looks for a Missing Employee

Tuesday, July 5th


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Are making this wedge. And it's just it's army aren't. Ghost hunting is our favorite segments we do every week on the jet engines show because we like tracking down people who have disappeared out of your life. So poorly against sending 48 half. We had a saying for a man named Brian who. Owns a business okay I think it's a restaurant and Brian is trying to track down one of his employees. Who just in show for her shift to hosted and she never came first shift after that yes they've talked I think Brian you can tell the story Harry yeah. Brian again thanks for Ireland just go sent four. Absolutely. So basically. It is the raptor. Small business owner. Man he did denigrated or papers much she's kind of been working from the just for the six months but she has literally government shift and been pretty on top overstuffed. Until that lap Saturday where you're supposed to work or via the clothes she just didn't show up. They'll call no you don't know enough that. A ghost that he has taught. And I are nothing's been umpire. Well. Not not like it correctly but I've. No it. That. I took a quick look better in and she. Definitely wasn't. Where she says she was. I did hear from my management hurt her mortgage. You know. Yeah do a last minute baby sitting job from my mom. So like it took a peek at some kind of knows the other exam and I noticed that she was about so little ticked off. Why were a bit deciding Cassidy is she still an employee of the restaurant. Yeah actually. We we appetite management does it place and spoke via my manager and she kinda like well thought that bind. Help that business like and now she's been great person on and so. On. You know I'm kind of leaning the other way but you know according. Or courtesy that is it is up on your help in Ottawa deeper. OK so when we tracked her down and get her on the phone what is what he want us to say or find out for you. I and the united yet I kind of already know the truth that I just like it here. You know kind of that. It's your skirt. Which she punished at all for that. Yeah I I'd. I draw the dazzle the week after that. I called him like well. On the schedule. So what is it that like what's the motivation. For honing her down and and singling her out. I guess I feel like it is the chronic problem with that. Upgrade should you know they they can't we're bailing out there yet. And not killing. Ladies. Making up uses and then what the consequences of them latter day. And they get frustrated dislike you know Ottawa. I don't deserve the you know. Basically put them back ever taken a schedule that the Clinton made these actions. It's just kinda I feel it should not the problem with you know the twenty something. Says she's still entitled. Like maybe she's not the only ones so you can call her out because. Lot of people her age are doing this to you. Yeah and I have friends of our business owners as well I think they kind of you know feel the same way but aren't just like. Like this is happening all over the place these twenty thinks well. I have a friend in retail does and is. That she can't get her police show up on time this is not enemy youth yeah Bryant but twice its branded retail and a restaurant owner of 90 both had the same complaint in the same week and that was it being an employees call Robinson I'm gonna be late. In they would call like ten minutes before their (%expletive) I'm related to mile eight. But when you don't win they stroll in their carrying a fresh start. Do people our friend in retail and an aunt and an antibody. She at a restaurant and it happened I thought. I was that while these have their late brightness Starbucks you'd like not for me. That's exactly that they earn the entitlement like I completely yet. That's exactly what they're. They're cute too lazy to even if it's asked properly. Cut. All right the wait goes to adding words Bryant we will make a phone call. Tomorrow and we will find out why your employee ghost and you'd Wear cheap. Really was Steve shall confess to that it. Are making the switch to the justice shall certainly aren't.