Calls on Being Impressed by Your Kid

Thursday, June 30th


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So starting before blind it's great phone call. They stuff a story I heard of a younger thirteen or fourteen years old. Was home alone her parents for a candidate meg she wanted to spend the night and her friends. But she's too young to drive. Says she called me Chinese food. Restaurant Chinese restaurant. Order delivery and setup to be in action about to become Biden said this person. And when kemba and diet and games bell who was the who's the deviant in your world. My son after clicking the even a bit about a year ago at age and he brings me it locked up and he's showing a picture. And I read it but ultimately recognize needy people and that like you know older on the computer. And Michael will be all and it. Like giggling and I I recognize that at my neighbors he hacked my neighbor's computer. And he's helping other spoke at. All of her foot and he's a. Yet he was eight I don't know how did it if you went into the light fire I don't. Really really good at computer. Do you ever even spell. Your neighbor that that happens. No I didn't want my neighbors. All of my friends you know what I had you in trouble but do labor. You've given Coca governor of a couple of years ago and from Ned from an ambulance came about Megan's neighbors computer. Do you think you'd get in their visas and you aren't just wipe out my balance his fifth NB a operates. He's going to be the next founder of the next Google actually calling from Camden. Good morning group who are you proud of secretly proud proud. I'm out of my blog about what he did in high school in 29 now though. He lived a freshman high school Leo for your back is a graduate. She's. Out that he was still a freshman. He our report argue that taking any changes grade my parents thought your my graduation and it would ninth grade. He was the ninth grade they thought he was a senior. You glad you let it graduate it and pull you so you long's that many. Three years forty years he never graduated right over in an ingenious idea what we bend it about the school. Online marketing jacket. And how is he wants to do her business owner. One of that action as well as well. That's awesome good for him down to bragging that. Cindy from Carter's you're going to be our last call on this case and he. Hey Ariza whose deviant in your story you did Matt Pearson okay. It's right here in the violence he would start came out and arm and let it eat it and that our Grammy camp. Kids aren't web part about it. I was gone came he probably as far as what are the paper. He blackout equity in his backlash. Exe. Outline why you'd like and yet there's things in the heat they are there and I can't take them not by anyone. So he's he's not only from. Their two cents. Yeah now he he's Smart and those that aren't. He's six Kemper friend then. Cricket ball. So and into his face you gotta like yell at emulate dude your ground. Yes you are playing in Baghdad hey yeah like on my guys. You're gonna make us all rich with an appliance repair business that we can no matter if we can open up next week. If that's fantastic. Star in 941.