Secretly Impressed by Your Kid

Thursday, June 30th


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Just in general uninstalling now. Affordable and it. I imagine if you very Smart. Or if you were a troublemaker. Type shy. There are certain things that you have to punish. Your hateful. Here in the back of your mind your eyes. And you prepare. Because it did ingenuity that it took to pull off whatever it is they have busted for a maybe it could be as simple is you know I I got a ground them because he got inflated school. I got a ground and say that you can. You can't. Fight somebody at school right but in the back you had a year ago and and we have seen the benefit with a deserved to be it. Bellini CNN firms now have an acting like it if they Mal profited teacher right tibia about you know. Things about it teachers so that added him to ground them. Got a ground her by. Teacher secretly and ask on this agrees to listen to this an art telephone number is 404741. 94. If you. Privately brag. About you're. Deviant little child. You got to punish them publicly but privately. Yeah different events friend and her friend who actually very brilliant thirteen or fourteen years. Face it she's old enough to be home by herself not old enough to operated car. And try. She wants to go over to her friends. OK okay here's what what she does com she. Calls. A Chinese food restaurant. To order delivery issues an order and ethnic. Chinese. And she says. Look. I will give you an extra ten dollars if you combine my house and media. It's. And that food. So then you know parent and she left a note and yes I am going origins as or whatever he. Love you spending an agent what are. So may date messenger litany parent you know from Gator one. Did her company Q language. And she'd. I think you weigh in April and finally. You and I. All happened and she's a. All told the truth will course they've got to punish our you don't get in a car with a its ranger at the right. See you want it now. Eight. Sarah and coming who are you bragging about. My. IRA years science how how old was he anywhere in the deviant it is the you. Write your thirteen year old son when the. Quote. I'll constantly change attendance and grades and staff. I don't yeah basically she needed to keep you could didn't know coalition intact. He got caught in trouble when you brag about to a pregnant. So easily so you got of course and I put a minor restrictions Sam take away is take away our. These days use computer latter. No cell phone no electronic. Yeah you would create pressure for you week. In the back of your mind here thank him he's gonna go on to be a millionaire he's gonna. Yeah guidance. Even the principal in past. The prison look and especially never stated that because that answers in. Other kids to do the same exact day you know he thinks that hackable it ranks fifth in Jocelyn and Logan hill welcomed addition out. Are all right who is the deviant in this story. I'm between India and Bahrain. It was. About my mom or. Wal-Mart and now now again. Every time. And I'll meet you Cutler. And a he black Buick Open land and a conflict came you don't well yeah managed. I but generally found out that my mom's eyes. The majority of workers. About holing out is seeing in. That it went off and you'd hear how they pick my dad it's that car. And drive it are the days and ground. And. So YouTube iron and although I didn't say YouTube taught you how to drive a stick shift. Yeah Iowa. Back and it's a camera and I'm I was six and I got and I figured that's a couple of times but I did make it home. And they don't and Europe and you said your ground and they didn't think anything of it because I've watched him take that Paris is that she can't drive it. Well actually planning to buy it I never got around on the Nantucket Sound like an island about a month later. I actually hit the mailbox and yeah I hit the mailbox and that part of I don't know what year. You know you shoreline Jocelyn is here Israel iron eaters are you screwed up you should've just gone ahead and learn how to accident on YouTube. Right I had a polar dance. Try to stick figure and you can't you pick anything on YouTube for Obama at a private that you and I love that mom thought the story with immigration brag to all of her coworkers about it they knew who she was 4047419400. This have been your kid did and you wanna brag about it. Even though to their face you have to punish them. Star in 941.