Jeff's Morning Rules for Callie

Thursday, June 30th


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Die before law and thanks for waking up when Japanese yen. Think the branding about an hour and I heard this huge we're gonna have to establish some rules. And rules and relationship of course audience. I've got Bagram board here and a all right it might is that right pops that he's awake he's. So are you that particular taxes lately. Wicked. Two seconds of waking up. Deep into conversations. That thing about a ball deep levels levels of is that we don't lie and and and now it. I have. Only guy in professionally. In my life. Morning parade. All I've done your rare bird. I really am but I mean I've done it for decades for over two decades now I've been getting out. At four or something in the morning in some cases the recent thing in the morning and lucky cases find something in the morning and for two I've got a routine. Days twenty plus years. And my fiancee Kelly congratulations to her because she is aid brand Asia and she's working with Robin Meade. HL and who hosts morning express rights wage is time at this same exact time as our share. Which means that. We now have. Virtually again cars and I'll tell you this I am very excited about the afternoon. Because there have been days right rapped out you know show related staff and spent one or two in the afternoon and I defy goats and patio and have a couple. You know margaritas and maybe eat dinner for writes I did that really it's and we should be eating and I am and anybody who's available at that time is unemployed loser. For light. And nobody's available to join me for a play. And now I got a partner reined him quote repeatedly as a way to go tomorrow at 3 o'clock. In the future for. This is especially gonna benefit you on Friday as when you ready to get out of town and good day's search earlier so it ends earlier so. You get out of town earlier on a Friday. So excited about all that stuff is that being said. For. And anybody who is listening now who gets up super early in the morning regardless of whether an idea on team grant wages. Up at a kids or your and teams and witches. Slow roll into the day it doesn't matter your morning routine Asian morning. And a light Indy changed your morning person so how to lie can invent a terror that horror. That she. Cannot talk to me fact. Are very funny in the morning and you and I worked together on the old show for ten years together. And then now been doing our own show for four months. And I have learned a few things I can pass on him Anderson went in so I'm gonna get her on the phone she's still on normal people hours she's at work is already at each element. Think that it sees that tissue can listen to this couple. Working and while we're working. You still listen afterwards Jim you've you've ballot that read that before yeah so go. OK so I think that typically. You'd have to be the first one it starts conversation right. And if I have to have a conversation with you where I started early in the morning. I yelled from down the hall if you notice that now to warn me the idea being fair warning right so it's. Well office Cuba. Was out in the big cube farm yeah and I would yell from the studio door. I liked him. I never noticed that and that like to get your head of I'm coming back then I would take my sweet time I get copies. Get a coffee whatever and then I would come over to talk to you notice that that was my chance. It was a has been working well I haven't been furious that your engaging me in the mornings yes it's easy act kind of race at new office alcohol and I have been yelling down all like. They got there. Yeah I guy and is Ike. And then like government so. Anyway and I tried to avoid contact. Where I make the initial contact I usually use speak first because I know you. It's not about being grumpy man that I am tired or whatever but from. For twenty plus years from the point that I wake up right at that point that I sit down in a chair in front of a microphone. I didn't get to thinking about staph related to. Yeah work related stuff and I just kind of processing and sorting and that you and whatever. And my fear is I'd Cali my fiance is a little thing. EDT and buy a little I mean like all over the place right so I can I just need to tell her immediately ads. At 4:45. Am she is not allowed to ask me if we're gonna grow out or. She should get some treatment and the way. That he plans to have to be no plan no. No future can't he do it. I think I'll it'll make me man I hope it will get angry I don't wanna I'm getting angry thinking about the possibility that she meet you. Think. It's. Now you haven't I just now and so rude. And into this and you. Number I mean. Maybe listeners can help with their morning rules that relationship as morning. Yeah. I've never I truly never had to deal with a before out and I think that every good marriage knows and respects those rules OK you know so I think good partners. Maybe couples and married twenty years they both get up and it Golan is seen time and help each other out their different yeah I think they can definitely give you some credit. I you make me feel better because I thought I was the only 1 that had likely morning rules are so I'm glad. You do and in the phones are ringing so we get any calls and they suggestions. Okay. I just I feel better you. Now coach Kelly will get some we'll get some calls we'll get some advice we can gather some comments from FaceBook and then. Between my personal experience and everybody else's experience will present this to Cali I exams are you think that. Do you feel about it now it. Thanks for being a part of it. 100.