Callers with Intuition

Tuesday, June 28th


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4047419400. Yeah Jeff in general and starting out. I need global. So Heather branch from here senate before Linehan is dreams about things that gonna happen. Intuitive like. Hey Donnie you have integration. Well my ear. Your new year old grain. And how do you. It. For all. Or. -- What does this animals that can feel the tsunami coming civic. Climb a mountain out or migrations. Are my Beagle mix who gets in the closet. I doubt. That I. Needed I Terry in Atlanta has dreams about that. The day. Yet. Hi I'm. And why. It. It. Let me about. What do you like Cuba global and and cockpit tired. And why it. We at the lie. And lie. They're. Mom and hit him right back maybe. It. Out alive well a lot again and and it. Pick. I mean obviously it. So it's only one church and optical. Light. By that. Really the dream about somebody and somehow dream team going away. I and I. Jerry. Kelly. Hi. I mean about. It. On the you know we're there. Why is it. It looked pretty but it passed away it. It could be people I know these people. I am without. Have you if you actually had and thousands actually at a premium it is totally freaking me out. Do you feel like you should call and tell your what your mom says that do you feel compelled to share what you learned. Libyan people who I am. Sorry you didn't. You know you same day and it. Or heard about it. Thank you for the call to Q and stop it. Just just for the record if you averaging about me I want now eyes Amish. Today. I don't know fans I never wanted to you'd have left. Out. How you're at once in now. And I think it sit with kits like I owed one now I'm being able to. He notes albums and staff but it's a dream you know a 1000% true. It's it's somebody who seems the days of record as pressure now. Mean. He didn't see James coming out now about those. Kids things like he liked. Maybe the problem is. She. She is he's intuitive means maybe. But he. Campaign. Church a lot of older people she's healthier. We gender and gender. And selling 94 law and.