Heather Branch is a Psychic

Tuesday, June 28th


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Making this list it's. On stuff before one. We have ourselves a special guest in the studio had brand product numbers. Other brand as now they comes on every day adds 10 in the morning good morning at a gym and says. Date you believe the EU might be a little bit site. I am not just a psychic things happen I mean where. I'll have to grant some thing and then something happens and my. Happens all the time and I he'd like an intuition. Half cents at I don't think she's intuitive. What's the difference. Between being intuitive and being site I think psychic people that are psychics can literally it very clear he predicts CC. Seeking happening I just have weird. Coincidences where stuff I get that feeling or I'd like to Ream a lot of stuff has gotten me out to dream about something okay and the next day. Something happened. Can you give us an error let in real world example you get these names are. It is his one time when I was in high school I had I was just you know gripping the church and have him on meet group and I had all these dreams. About the church so want to mention in my youth counselor passed away and the next day she quit. So it's definitely an indirect kind of stuff like that and that happens all the time it's not necessarily all have dreams. That like Al Green only dream about a friend of mine took an Uma I haven't touched it while Abby I'll be hugging them in my dream that's all patent and the next day somebody will say to me. You about so and so this this thing happen and it's like some bad news is something I'm. Yeah he that he I dreamed about them being. And Horry and and certain other amateur as a my cock. Yeah just about them last and a since you spent a lot of over analyzing your genes. Now about it because again. Skiers meaner yes I've seen thinking that some intuition. You most of your friends know about noon you. Should we here in America. It's fine it's I'm not I'm not and there's. You know it's look at look easy stuff people. Here. So the pattern that would that's evolved over the years is if someone appears in your dream. Then something in the near future something somewhat. Negative ads or I'll say something to somebody in passing and all the sudden it comes to fruition and attack just like all we took it just weird. Dots connect. All right so the question edge and as a friend of Heather's who has this knows this about her. Would you wanna know if she had a dream about. I think it will. I want to and the opposite no don't tell me. But we're not coming Yankee -- about me telling me and we'll try to connect the dots or something but it's all bad stuff flaky ever ever dream of ever dreamt about somebody. Where you're giving them a hug and then the next day. They win the powerball thing. Not the powerball dreams about people where you know. I'll just be thinking about them and Orson and Elvis and will get in touch or you know I almost instantly that's all right I think I think that I remembered the bad things is that freaks me out more. More and yeah make it I don't think back like that happens to I just remember the facts are the ones the ones to me. Have you ever thought about trying to evolve this scale and become a full line right now because at least now I think some people are just more intuitive than others like I really do think people have that ability. I have a couple of friends who are more. Tapped Dan. I think everybody's I think a lot of people ignoring it or suppress I think everything has its fitness sixth sense that the concept of it is an aggregate talks about I think everybody had to some people ignoring it corpus act more than others. Bit that there could be some gray area in wide. I Heather's friends that could be a little bit of gray area but there might be somebody listening who can absolutely 100%. Can being sense intuition is. There intuition is correct yeah so you feel like you've got that skill we wanna hear from 4047419400. If you can prove with him out of it and you underweight from like. Your crack. And you can prove that intuition is absolutely real we will take your phone calls here and treatments and that makes sense to me that says clear solicitation yes. What's shocking is that none of the phone lines were raining three minutes ago. When you mean. Think about it. If they had equation and what. I'm finding our rob and. And Jeff and Jim yeah. And selling 94 law and.