Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity - June 27, 2016

Monday, June 27th


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We jet engine and installing ninety formal end. Those assembled and you just start your day witness about that day I am grateful for the line. Today I am grateful for the fill in the blank you pushed out in negative on it is so easy you've replaced it with a positive dot it will improve your mood and. Yes status yes mine is superficial it's. Weekend we used to date in total cost there and less than if we paid for park her. Cheap. Hey am. Marcelo welcome to the Japanese and show. Hi good morning I thank you so much for. Making me happy is where it. We're trying today Marcella is grateful for blank. Great for our. OK well that's or would you do. I happen next week and it. You know I don't Wear armor EK. And they can't Byrd of my blister morning. On a few foot thing where did you wrap it feels. I went out portraying my boyfriend pride. And chat a party on Saturday. I locked my boy yeah. I am hi. And it. Have a congratulations on an outstanding many candidates that was some. Thank you not any that I. Jeff can change and good morning today I'm grateful for blank. But the difference. Yes this Amanda. They've got no worries what tell us what you are grateful for today and. I am now you may as grateful for happily and hit it that day. Hi he ended the buck out there. He worked so hard. So for him. That's awesome and that's hot you. Guys are strong work ethic and busted every day. Every. Art yeah what's your boyfriend's. Didn't expect. Awesome I would like this and give him community my identity I would late say today I am grateful for. Because it. Hot this week. It. Saturday I felt like it was that kind of heat where there was absolutely no breeze. And no break from justice to act how you look at the American flag and just sit there yet even like. Blown a little bit yesterday a little bit and a little bit of robberies that Saturday it was rough. And I never have an act out like getting in the car and then on the cool air lines those. Again thankful for air conditioning is Shelly and Atlanta had today you were grateful for Latin. I am grateful I started my English Jeff intimately at art car. Yeah eighth happy tea. What do you regret that besides dancing in your car. Unfortunately on Miller or definitely you know strategy president. That I've. Now do you have to take the job or reason to get together by you don't answer some banners and overly sensitive the office today. Going to be a little bit and. I. Hit land and all right there in. Our. Okay since I'm all right show outlaw happy birthday enjoy your enthusiastic. Birthday song. You check that purple drank and banks have for waking up that's the elements are about struggles Antioch that the glowing purple. Thank you so much for celebrate your birthday where this on the jet engine share. Itself. Star in 941.