David About Town: Pageant Tips for the Summer

Friday, June 24th


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Yeah starring names. Why this Friday morning means that David about our own. Hitting the streets of Atlanta to ask the hard hitting questions. Who was your audience this week David well this week I actually hard streets of Columbus because I went to the miss Georgia pageant. Last week and you're so happy about that it was great this is your Super Bowl there's less favorable and one of our girls fourth runnerup in the team and then we have him would have whose girls. One of our girls on this important. That mr. Atlantic team near Atlanta an outstanding team got fourth runner up to fifth place 49 girls and and we have innocently and in its greater weight will she get this participation race. Those like made it to the money around. A candidate say they whittled on the girls from 49 and they did it from 49 to fifteen yeah and they Whittle it down from the fifteen to when they announced top five and she may top life she's the fourth runner up fifth hot which means. She's the last play. Of the top five. By it she did better than 44 other girls okay I thought I made Larry proud. I love your passion for the pageant I I love the way the pageant that made. Runner ups I think it's you know at the sick and it plays you can say I'm fourth or era which just confuses everybody. Yeah how is she got like I don't you be ready for it ends well or they're more money than other girls. And then Armas Atlanta. May top fifteen animus greater enemy Thompson's. Okay. You know what I would assert vehemently that ratings. Both say like if we you know immediately decliners with them in the raid while a third runner up on fifteen. I. I did it slow slightly. You have a question and where you are asking why you're at the meets again it was in his Georgia ads and it's Georgia and dad. The winner goes in this America and since I was surrounded by pageant queen's I decided to get. A few beauty tips from them for what every girl should be looking out for doing this summer when there at the pool and on the town or with a friend. When going to the pool make changes waterproof mascara and sentenced raising your whole face of foundation doesn't want to. So it's not basins and in points hazard and opt for water treatment experience than a regular at holds a much better he. My fashion crowd he needs it is water Britney fan I know sending out there live in the southern states. It's hot and humid on on want to cry out when it happens outside of mixing happily a lot of them. That hot in the east. I question yes. Wire UN make it to the pool the death. To that poor. And isn't it possible that speech language you would make it to the gym or the full. As you know you're gonna be taken filthy and that. And act and did that first girl say to that likes them like shellac your faith settings for having great. I think if you foundational your on your faith thanks very over its oh. If you slant or cry or in the pool. It's like hairspray for your faith. Learning so much these threats and from the mr. speaker thank you ladies. A few tips for some fun in the sun this summer it's keeping your hear it light and fluffy he's victorious in this preannouncement that makes break I'll be considered Becky that the game. I'm onstage doing my swimsuit. I definitely use but we'd keep everything in place that you definitely don't have to do that if you're not into it but that is something that idea to keep everything tight fit into. Make sure they into the itself is that he. Friends that you do not Wear sun screen in your moisturizer because people look like ghosting get crazy flashback. It's a great tips for onstage in a great team but we'll team. Wait a second I got a call BS on Allen. Why. Are. You don't Wear as actors so he's not in your moisturizer legacy we are different. And you got to prioritize Wyatt is more important face cancer or a group itself says that when I guess. What do you want all in your face here in Seagram right because lets users or for life. And somebody and I just over there. Somebody in their side but and. But they'll do if they waterproof like could you go in the ocean are in the pool but glue and years and see. If you wanted to. We all want the perfect so fever this summer though these girls are giving the advice of how to take the perfect pictures. Girl's perspective. Place your feet. The shape of the teens taking pictures on making islands with the mile long accident and you take and yours and you. Just think of active front ticket Ingraham in the pop that that with that were accidentally. It make you look here it take in case you. I. And that all starts with her hand on it might. Sent it okay. As hard as you. This shop back. Cool and pretty thing. And Japan they are. So including those to get that big perfect smile act like you're fighting an apple and it stayed that close even after it. I love. Her now wanted to how many people of their cars right now are like fate by example wait to hear why. So you buy an apple and then you just leave in the smiles the a. Then you have to look at Apple's. Quicktime media over we're all we're all gonna pose the picture. Your group shot on edge out David I wish I would rank that it nine point four what do you image and I give it fourth runner up. Star made before one of these.