Calls on Where is This Relationship Going with Kelly and Troy

Thursday, June 23rd


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10. Did you have engine shop. I would have to say I'm variety of phone calls editors aside in about the where's this relationship going she. Was dating him for thirty days. Very marriage mind issuance to kids by twenty aged 24 and now fill in blank with man's name here. I'm. Blank space baby. Colin Powell ran you. Good you log in well. Man. I don't want ward Soria psychotic. It. It's should be thanking god called. Channel miners were out Enron and other current path. The brand now and we're. And say guess how psychotic did you say hyper focused. She's and she's she's list oriented and bit of an over achiever in the relationship department Kathy Collins from Dallas. And an article. You like. Now. Hitler. And apartment or your. He would pay you. Anything near. I'm quite say it all at a. Yeah. Why are widely seen Burger King. It. I. And the and women. And doing it. I want to Miami I'm happy but it did. They treat you that you know whatever. Plain good character a bit. The tricky yeah. Even. Better pictures than lower brought them together. Home or out but god bless you harmony. I are playing. Kathy if you brought up breaking element that he you users is wolf well called me. I. Am I wrong I'm. I'm love and yeah. I actually yeah each Burton. Let's have actually. The buicks on all of that day. At that any man found under the knee hurt outline. Of the great word automation grind. Much less think about family and marriage. I don't than they actually. Quite as of now I'm. We have Whitney no it in Smart Balance away and yet other well so I think it costs and I just have. I would like to point something out Jan two years. When you in grants Max your husband's now husband and yet you were you sad that when you're dating when you reached that point of needing. EU were fairly quickly in the relationships and let. I. Want a date somebody and and the wife and children and somebody's mind and you have like. But you know. And in the wrong with so what's different between yeah food did. And between what you did. What she's doing. Which she gets notes it's just a faster time line. Right hers isn't a super fast timeline and I think that it sounded to me that she wanted she is an ultimatum. She wanted an answer right now yeah and I feel that we just had to come when we were dating. And falling in love we just have a conversation early on as a kid so it right don't want it's totally cool but then your probably some time here like you want. So there's a different zone is her county doesn't like I need to know this I need to have that you know. It was like actors like when we brought up kids o.s like. Just not afraid to bring it up in conversation because I was in my thirties I was like all right you don't want kids and with Russian Davis right because there that it. Because there's it's different if she was she did come kind of crosses them upload and he'd he'd. Yeah I was like anybody that fit her timeline that she can have her two kids by such a close I mean yeah yeah. Out upload it at upload any breeder in here with greater disease dead. I am and Laurence Ville. How cool and he is content crazy. And I. Did it not been able to go. I'm you know you're you're currently the flag and a happy ending didn't it didn't. Now while that's it that's all telling needs to hear that you heard him as college she takes time I don't know Treo I radio last Collie in Smyrna. How old are important round agree with that package is now bigger problems on the second. I. Tax. Deductible. You know that girl is frequent site goes on a Maine and lesbian loud without children. And me debate today. She even though how it. I want a story. Can go to Grady go. Out. Without talking to looking at that she'd. Been with somebody even. I. She doesn't come. Britney she admits that. And build and I'm quite pleased to let you know. You really get them out of hope and life you know I mean. Either or and I can't. Yeah underestimate us she's known. Rip off then and the U. Ahmad. She cobbled Alan is it your first line is now under reaching opponents Max and sent him day in Edmonton yet. You are making that switch today Jessie.