Where is This Relationship Going: Jeff and Jenn Talk to Troy

Thursday, June 23rd


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She now. Or one. We're about to find out where is this relationship going forward Kelly's. She's been dating and truly for about a month now and it's very hundred hours you know Jane she is known him. Telling him Kelly you've known him for three months is that accurate. After apparently she guards and he. Failure is known him for three months they've been dating for one month she wants to get married have kids she needs answers now so we are in that. Culturally while Kelli is listening and going after nice these questions even now. Inconsistency. Can snag your mistake you are a good all your servant of the people. Cali. After service Kelly hang on the line and we are gonna call. Try and find out where your relationship. 112 that it is. Oh. Well. This is Chan jet engines Jeff this year TU. We are com to chat with you about in your relationship with Kelly. And apparently things are going really well. And she's really in TO and really excited. She's got some things that she feels like you're really on the same page values as saying we want some of the same things in life. And she's really looking ahead to a series future with TOR you fill in the same. Yeah sure I mean. It's its own little content together. It means is there's a critical part of. Yeah I mean she thinks are too she thinks so so much that she wanted to ask how bus askew. Where is this relationship go. Or you guys. Yeah. We usually going in the right here. Up until now back. They're deciding what I mean really our guests are. There'd be cool I just. I mean in. We cut our question question now. Well she's pretty I mean if we're gonna cut rates in the chase who she is very marriage and family oriented and and she wants and of viewing this game. I mean really who we check out our did that the IC yeah I jump like the kind of. Our own I don't see a slight haven't been. Any problem. Slow and liked this year Perry you know so. I figured we. Which amount little bit programs before. He instantly they are. I still in the Illinois. Its economy. He. Is Jan wanted to do. Did all heads. Well I think it's totally normal and you seem to be on track like you know after a year. Having this conversations like different than having after months ago. Yeah. So I won't. Would you be open to being engaged regain a year the within twelve months of year. Anniversary Gator whenever. I mean. I struggle with to a America can submit to something. On the radio show right now on. After months of eating it and now a little bit better for. No you know different type in you know I'm beginning to agent get married sites. Robert. One in the divorce and do this again and again hurt someone like Stewart right. So just jump and and just hope for the past. She is like Java me he lived together and her. Aunts who committed to light after. It. Little. I don't know I mean it works its age you. You know all. I get it violence and crime means. You know. Yeah I mean I think everything that you're saying is. Pretty logical. So you haven't anything shocking to me I think it might be concerning to Kelly. What is she concerned about what she's concerned about. And assert she. It's timeline of when wants to have kids. What what she's got a timeline of when she wants her kids she wants to have kids before she's 28. He says one. What well in what you want me here or she's funny. She's 25. So why aren't your ego you know it literally but I don't now. Two years circuit for a year I mean. Yeah sure it would decides who did it it still is going in one but I suggest. I can't play you guys like no fire them. Uncommitted that day. Without. I don't know what she wants to now if it's still going. Are you open that time you open having two canes we. Did. Where the truth yeah. I. It. It. Every. Conversation is ruining their relationship further. Oh. There and shoot super cool and I can hear oral. Pilots. Us. I I think it thank you try we're gonna come right back in three minutes we're gonna talk to definitely and find out how I would cite issues Detroit's ahead. He can see it going. All the way. You are making is this image engine shop on selling diesel.