All the Feels - June 23, 2016

Thursday, June 23rd


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Feels have been brilliant. Did show don't. Fifteen stories. Mixed feel good that he. I wanna start is all the fields segment we is a story from a friend of mine her name is Jane love. Red days and her face and I'm Sherri. I must issue. Yeah it's early friends. After entering a forty. Publicly all four. Last night was heading into dinner a bit dirty drunk girl was stumbling out that she remarked to me. And. And errors. I quickly replied. Yeah and I've tried and right and she told me she was but something may need follow her anyway. I watch her in her car turn and the ignition and she started to pull out of the spot. And knocked on the window into those she she closely rolled it down and I said I can't eat. She argued at me but while she was. Getting mad I called and Lowber. And it showed up she reluctantly accepted to take the Hoover home she wouldn't even tell me her name be issues so embarrassed and she jokingly asked me. One way and doing it you know me. And I told Larry it was the human thing to do and that life is too precious to risk. Just for drunk driving it was the best fifteen dollars and ninety cents a members Bannon and lumber. Luckily we have technology to keep ourselves and others safe. Please call another driver you've had too much to drink summertime it's fun time let's keep it that way hash tag coming Austin's. That's awesome. That is such a great story and not back. I won it guy is facing FaceBook to Jeff a guy in Denver Post placement that he needed a kidney and different things from high school that he had not seen in 21 years. Was the one who donated his kidney last month so here is the guy who need from Denver's name is Steve. Cuts. I thought absolutely fantastic. It's it's a whole new life for me. Lucas has. I mean it's really to send that to McKinney's its its main media a bit more sick I had her cart that is when I first was diagnosed with that. It's kind of preventing me from. Being able to. Just be healthy overall. I am extremely overwhelmed when a when they called me and told me that Chad was the the donor I broke down in tears. I can't imagine the sacrifice that he was making I've seen in my life that he and the needs changing the lives of of my family my friends and my colleagues. Chad loaded with one who saw Steve's FaceBook page don't need pity just need a kidney and he responded. We hadn't spoken in in twenty years since high school and you know through social media we re connected and when I read that he was in need there there was even a question that. That I could help and it's it's kind of it's weird to save it. From the moment that I read. Of his need. An understanding he's got four little children under the age of seven it really spoke pretty pretty near and dear to my heart. And it just so happens that that that's how it how it shook out. So you get tested turns out they were a match is Jan and I both have had very good friend Melissa Carter who was the recipient in the and it's amazing. How quickly. After getting that kidney yes your health turns around I mean it's miraculous. It's actually a tougher surgery she's always told us on the donor and the recipient right as a recipient feels better and immediately. The donor Haston recover their body has to get more used to. Functioning with just one can track it that net recipient has been sick for months like. One. Hey hey yeah I quite sacrifice if you are not in organ donor make that change and tell your friends and family that you want to be in and begins. It really eyes as Steve. Reed is miraculous and. Changing and think about how that changed the life of all of Steve's for kids to demonstrate that. It's. The. If you find it all the field story that you wanna share with us please do it even reaches. Via the web sites are nice people on com or you can Regis do social media really happy to be very happy to hear your story. And happy to have you come on and hear yours story. You are making news today Japanese yen shell on selling people.