Where is This Relationship Going: Kelly Isn't Happy

Thursday, June 23rd


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He's a local call Sears local shop. What a concept or a girl boy so. And 841. I just a couple of minutes ago we heard it throw money. Again you describe it. It's all the way you can see installation going all the way with Kelly said Kelly. You were listening to all of that but what I what she digital equipment with them lasting anything. Oh yeah. And apparently where it. He. Used his line I mean yeah. Hanging out at sea. And. And wait Kelly hold on hold us back. You're running nowhere is this relationship going and he was saying that. He really likes you it's really cool only been on these are a lot of heavy lights out. Mean obviously there at the same goals that I so I'm straight line and I'm glad I know now a month you know it's not particularly here on this or something so. I think I'd be honest I feel totally disagree. Like I. Don't you all. It's not it's. Fifth. It's not it's not what I buy it but it's not ice time. It only makes sense to the TV program. And what she wants she lines a couple of games. In the next three years since she is now looking for somebody who is similar minded. He's but he. Having conversations. And McCain an active and correct me if I'm Ron Kelly Marty you know but if it matters right. If after a year he's not in. Age 26 years world. She's got two years to decades and she's starting. Twelve months later and companies to. Eleven at what I think Kelly is she wants to make it. Happened ASP and it. All and why. But he and he said he could see this relationship going all the way. He's weight into her it's one month like it. Yet it. That way that I that I you know would fit into that timeline for him or actually you're at a time line. And if you was in news. This with me I think you read he would like my time you know you say well that's what works hard and yet great. Now I'm kind of disappointed if he's hitting my. You know he he obviously putting himself first segment and and I think my mind it's our values and that's what we want in life and. Well. Your timeline obviously doesn't fit what he wants in life. Well. I was hoping it would and it obviously doesn't. That's it what I understand I could be so I don't know why. Anyway and so I'm in the one. Okay. Well I get it out I don't I don't. NASA I don't you don't have to leave it to get it and I don't believe. What years. Where can. I do which. I understand. I think maybe Bobby I think maybe being too hasty. You know I've been but I get yours ago. Think bringing it to us. Successful where's that. He's. Well. And you are making the switch. Today Jeffrey Jones Shia on starring Eddie pour water.