#TBT: Our First Make Out Songs

Thursday, June 23rd


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This service. Is. Japanese yen shells are pretty far more hash tag throwback Thursday will be all over your face that needs eat today. It's the so. That you remember from your past that's how we are celebrating her backers and the jet engine joke it's songs that are playing in the background of your very first to make out session. Here's your first against mission you've probably got a song goes right along with. Memory. Here RS some of the ones that were submitted on FaceBook I'm Heatley. Little Savage Garden in the back. Confirmed it yeah. With eight right now little light laughter. A guy and saying. Hi Dina. The Carter and and that he now the only bright tonight and we whitlock. That's the cars. You should know this country yeah yeah yeah. Imagine you like dancing and. I think. It's a time. Not me either in a pickup truck or bond fifth. Rather undress and tabloid it's not so fast I. Gave any of them did anyone notice have kindness and only. And it's. Something. Lady in her hand is a great time to learn Vickers may connect this. Check him he's a great Maureen hearts about with Madonna. That's an awkward thing. That's it's definitely in schools in those cats right. We invite cheap. TJ. Spotlights it in from I. Like being at a thirteen going on there yeah. And then it. Take that same exact scene and back it up about half a dozen years. Diana lane you know. Zone keepers. When I ask you guys that come up with the year make it sound songs did you have an immediate first memory and who I did hit a mine. But in my I don't remember. The first song. Late. Was playing when it made out with somebody believes this song was like. Was from the girl today okay in baseball. And she couldn't mix. Nightly. XX acts that means log out and initiated it to a cassette boom box that. His single and one he actually liked Atlanta and yet there and then as a memorex. Yeah recorded same time Saturday night right. Did she cut and pictures out of magazines and take note can drop a little teaser she drew and the answer Q. And this is this on remember. Million. It was so passionate. Did you did you lip sync if you're a sloppy make out session. I would love to be able to find that mix. You don't demand that loved him and if there are some really great. Songs. Viewed it. He should just recreate partners and Jeffrey into mounds and treat them that before. Front. That means in the name and it makes it does mean chocolate songs because rebound government. It's I needed what's your time. So I couldn't think of a song like that. Because my first make outlet that until college and it is watching a movie so. This is the Thong that mainly big Mike perks make outs let's. Halloween but he I. Your first big I was hearing horror film. Let me tell you Michael Mayer yeah. We got that part. Time. I'm so scared after it. Let's have a closer scared. That's true you. And I heard. Hopefully marina remember the circumstances that the. Over the first one like generic audience Erica is from the this song definitely it was high school and it was just you know. Everybody else while its name I heard it was Melissa Melissa right now Melissa and Reno and Ellison the union entry this is the song for the unlucky leave it that's. Make out this story here. And I now than me he. David is better than this one. Okay. It's. Jeanne. And you guys like sweaty in there and it. Now we've got at least one of us if I definitely not this nervous. I remember Clinton told the that the and Jane what. Is your eyes are back Thursday it when we were thinking about making decisions Alex Maria couldn't remember like the first thing into the person first but this is one that is the most. Vivid in my memory because I was with my friend Kelly and her boyfriend they were in the front seat. And we didn't pretend gone to a movie. And I was in the backseat with her boyfriend's friend. And this was Jay Hammond on the radio. Arafat Thursday in 1990 line. How long did great out. I think she was in the stick. Side from the loathe them here in the purples and. You got you David yeah. Clearly. It is every bit. But to get milk being clueless. This is this is what made me dad it. I go Marino is that oh yeah. They're deeply into her eyes Marino. It was horrible but not a problem. Let's let's see if it's good television show star and 841.