Wednesday, June 22nd


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Well starring 841. Yeah of the three things Jan. The three things that I have. Supported on cakes are OK number on line. Why is a watch. All the Pavel. Which I sold at retail stores I think it was for a while it was the most successful kicks error. What does this Pavel watched dale yeah it it's thinks of your phone you get text messages it says differently but different apps on it. As the first apple lots first incarnation in the I. Thought I don't eat first thing making meals route yeah if there watching all the time so that was one thing I support tactics and there was a gadget. It did not it funded it allowed you to look at you're musical webcam in dog bowl distributed treats. You did it happen. And then drop the tree and now. And then the third thing that I funded. Fixer was Robert and machine. And machine you shoot few hundred rubber. In the course. Eight I completely the end school yes it you know did that. Doing that yet with your rubber boots he is it Robert full on rubber and and they never thought they made it okay yeah and I got in nice but it halfway together and I ended up giving it to a friend. Nancy's who has two young boys and much more. And uttered an ironic funded one thing on kick starter and it is that boldly blocks. You guys receive that video is answer. Was floating around these a couple of years ago that they were getting it started. But it's basically. Engineering toys for girls are cool so it's about teaching girls out. You know those concepts of engineering Winamp when their plane and no more Barbie dolls. Golden blocks and as a way out of. Bad idea they have something similar that as like I am the vacuum cleaners in tiger's huge issue. And seized from. Dutch oven. It should be. Some. Girls. On this next six campaign I think Kelly she's our producer Kelly she's have you funded ever anything tactics I've never funded and today kicks today Asian day I think. If your credit card out because we have got something that you are gonna sign up for with a in the irony here kick starter if you don't know what kicks errors a group. Crowd fines if you have an idea. A brilliant idea for something a machine gun rubber and machine you can do the math and say you know cost. 50000 dollars to manufacture. Enough of these to step. In and you put it on cakes are in use today. Contribute a hundred bucks government you want I'll send you machine gun when they're done. But everybody contribute a hundred bucks and you get money every year. It's just cost that you start start up costs though. Jan stumbled across a new start up business as Kelly he's written all. And it's called the licking brash. And today it is where you'd get to lick your cat like attack. OK if it doesn't exist yet and he's just started his kick start on his name's Jason Omar. But he has put together a little video on the kicks are ahead plus growth to tune. Cats yeah they're there as warm reception. Listen and you cannot. Continue yeah. Yeah like you mentioned the Alexander cat. Yeah. I. It's your cat. Presley can catch and you look at what you can't name and it is sad could I say dad. So in and she told the B word she gets earlier ages her name is Shannon she's. And is Simi Al Paul and so sad that your clothes that you could be closer with leaky. The thing Jeff and I have noticed is that every time producer Kelly cheese is on the radio. We seem to get comments from and going means she thinks this at all. So I just like under any pictures and then. It's fun to have Kelly cheese read us the advertisement. For. You brash. In her sixties Kelly cheese yeah my 100%. And. He'd say you guys sexy and Gary got a kind of a husky voice yeah. Yeah you did a grass Alex husky. Some. Camera power. I said the very first time we match. And you have the unique. Ability. That you voice. And it has tested by the people of faith but yeah. You got 3088. Which we got that convoys that doesn't meet the listener want to clear that broke. Rank right exactly adults Allen. Writes you. And you don't sincere. I don't know. Is on the paragraph. At a pace to have this so inappropriate coming had to land it I'm trying to read that dense now this is used to this if you're gonna sell. Mrs. bell licking brash Kate Clinton on alert him OK have you ever wanted to lick your cat. I can laugh. Well now I can without the tar balls. We have designed leaky trash to bring you and your cap closer. By using leaky with your cap on our regularly in its defense. I. Wait can you put some of that music. The likes to music and Ian Chapman in them. Have you ever won instantly your cat. Now you can without our models. No but it really does say we did not only keeping. Things. Keep going ahead we have designed it leaky pressed to bring you in your cap closer. By using Wiki with your cap on a regular basis. You'll develop a more intimate and bonded relationship much like a mama cat bond with her again. And so wrong. And I around it keeps going keep. Oh wow I does that describes the criteria guys. Leakey is a high quality soft silicone brash designed to deal pleasurable to your cats since it's his ten. Instantly grasped what keys by portion T slowly approach your captaincy is sleep and oil and otherwise. Pleasant man. Heard a pop up. The best area. An ease and is suiting and mutually beneficial linking behavior and hats. Don't be surprised if you're Catholic seat back. Thanks. They yeah. I don't wanna look at night you know I'm yeah I'm happy. We got that creepy guys came out for her. It's. Darn 841.