Scott Trask's Bachelorette Recap - June 21, 2016

Tuesday, June 21st


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So making this wedge to let's just show shall start in April and I where I have we and it's got squat. Sports ask from Boston. Who does our bachelorette updates every week we're actually talked to him on the phone today so David but models right now. He's an appointment to him if we can't let me about that. I know I need to know what happened last night I was exhausted went to bed early trying to rest up for the show. So I'm missing out on a full episodes that's gonna be like my DVR. It's so while we're getting Scott and holed that late eighties and ages I think that's this accurately and and it's a little war. But today. Today. Is national Sophie. Yeah I just so in the morning America on here in the studio yeah it was up on the corner hatched at nationals LT day. Isn't every day national subtlety to hate for some people it is for people at every single for some people it's always. I felt you lessons about taking. I think interface. Idea hit the internal. And now it's time. There's not your ass from Boston. Like streaking called BS smoking again as it is and shouted yeah join bachelorette stuff when Jeffords and note. Let's start budget. I believe. Error. It. Are you actually hitting me up before every game. I I just honestly thank you for your dedication. To join us on the and I'm a gynecologist. Yes and couldn't make it in. On the thank you for your dedication that. Acheson your yearly check you know other. Or. Warm up the medal. Play. It's okay it's no longer. At. This is called. It's gonna call brought row are you so watch your show we're able. Eric. And it just what you want me ready little is trying to meet our passionate about my eight and all that the this all of out. I'm just last night at the Scots I'm really need to mimic my DVR. All caught up on what did you do well. Of course blink first there is of course who comes. But we gathered around in April we boxed. To. He gene wandered back to where they weren't Pennsylvania. And knock on the door and of course as. It. You all led by air freight BJ well. It is. Prompting power and a relaxing and who darker pork. I'm. Go go backwards. Buehrle. Might have a ceremony to get rid of chance protein drinks. They had a ceremony at report everybody put a little bit in Egypt. Went on Jay. Okay. So then it's inside and Jordan. Shaq and the rest they're all trying to have a clock to yeah. It's got the news. Interesting getting to know if there was end I I'm sorry. You think that this is intimidating that you're good in my hand. I'm sorry you can't come to the point to be an end to apologize because I was apologizing. I think all of us were halted its. Let me finish all of us for something but you Manning literally from the moment you saw me. Oh. Thanks got called authorities were right. I think it's ridiculous to try to apologize so that's what they applaud you as well. And it states and so forth that's outside for some is that the act a comedy not a serious should. Any time with two. Chad CG did you. Not at all just the. First of all probably compact proposal I don't know. If it was me he would explore and state troopers. They just don't that Brown's yeah out of. I'll costs. I. While gates and become an. This really mean. You know I make sure no one. But it it it's close by. Now that very small world I'd note that. People see each other sub cultural don't want to somebody that knows who. Had a relationship. Oh she had that discussion. What Jordan regarding that relation. I. Actually me next and many. They Easter day eight. Dallas and throughout meaning guys. Can gain and some kind of wears off an island very kind of well off their sons chests stuffed. You know I can't thank you guys. Thanks. And since then an interest in. Then you know you know to stay there. OK. If he doesn't know the shape we are also open. It may be ultra. Rights here's a question because we we talked it and it has started this season and we said one way to look at this is to prevent Jo-Jo is like you and your daughter a guy you are patient. And if I read social media correctly she made out with a lot of different guys. Policy as fodder if honesty and an expert you know that's we have a major problem. Okay and you know now that you this story about Jordan. And like any other story well now that's reversed roles. Today. The guys Opel. Eighty. Tabloids. Well it was People Magazine so like yes I. The roles reversed they now department joke or something in her past. Coming until I see you then. I'm investing it happens Sunni. You really don't deserve people exactly like him. Any candidate they never loved and she's the hawks get dot probably the truest form a love die without. I don't expect that the and I was happy it was a good locations solutions. To be dry and I did die isn't just terrible kind of highlight. Band she isn't so that's a lot of emotion last night's. A lot of a lot of emotion I understand it and I'm looking at her father you know like wait a minute. Unit questioned Jordan you it's one of those got to get you out of here. You know you should've cleaned out yacht backgrounds were before challenging anybody outs. So Jordan in your mind is the front runner runner and how's our guys wells do and he is the radio DJ at nationalist resentment and. Well well well in and other roles she's gone on. He's not a lot of art that I. I just thought they were understated. So Laurie. Jordan. Move and Alex I'm huh. Beyond Somalia as a father. I'm not too keen on out so. Because he is still continuing with his little. Mind games. I think. I wouldn't watch it from my daughter now. The other thing at the end of warships and it was debate like that the white guys one. Now made it their all and our group like all. Turn off their employees. And they'll thank you Scott for your dedication we appreciate. I think yeah. Hey is it just me you guys or is he really hope he's into it I had this is it. He made that you might watch next season you're active and I mean he acts of paradise. We've changed we've come. Thanks for being a part of its. Job.