Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity - June 20, 2016

Monday, June 20th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Jobs so people want to move move. Strategy fresh and Rudy is what we call them. This segment we have and the idea being that you just. Expressed gratitude in the morning changes the course. For your whole day hey welcome to the jet engine chip an oath. Eat and what is your strategy fresh and ready for today. I am very grateful for how wonderful. You know this brings me flowers because it's Tuesday. I'm buying could you know when I or. That's just what thoughtful kid war if for the wonderful one lap in what's his name. Why not let me thin it it is the subject. Granted too fresh for today. It's just did this on Monday because I feel like we just can't get in the weeks started to get coffee movement trying to wake up. Sargent Dana good dude. I credit Judy fresh and pretty welcome to the judgment and shell hello. And a I what are you grateful for the. I don't know I am grateful for air as opposed I heard that. You need to Larry and I'm glad our flag about out of a bit. Think that's the silver lining I can't she's fine and lining. And covered in tow truck drivers Canon the maker break person in your world really and they can't either Saturday at. Because you never see him like during fun times. We ought to do on those voters are dying. That you always calling the totalitarianism crappy and right they can either be like I mean we Jeremy that's better for you make him angry that. And I hit some really great to have that when I got that you flat tires yeah. And 85 of them might come out positive and and again is like that and that's such what the rights of Mardy are they gonna what I found them like that little shop to fix the tires. So let it drag down the street there's a Wendy's remember how. And uses it happy hour from attack and at one to walk back the B and you've got an Angel and you need it and of course IE and any. Like you know and don't know. You guide. Did accept its design systems do you think. And any Susie all the while I can think of is from Austin. Steve has surprised me and wonderful athlete and the hole in my face right now. A Spencer look at that evidence yet. I. Am wonderful wonderful to Spencer is grateful for. I hit it there you know. Us. And free ride that's wonderful attorney. Actually I actually am wary next time and not. I'd look at Europe order fantastic contractual and they are you ready. Yeah partner I call it the right answer that. The the idea behind strategy fresh and pretty came from something that out tight gaps and I started doing last summer. And it didn't get through you don't have to do it on the radio. Every single day we just right and have it is today I'm grateful for. And we leave it for each other and can be anything but there's more so feel free to do that in your own lives today I am grateful for and is Jan said. Negative thoughts are too easy it's just easy to go that route specially. On Monday for whatever reason. I. Weekends over. If you just train your trying to go more positive. It helps every day. Thanks for being a part of it yeah yeah job.