David About Town: Father's Day

Friday, June 17th


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We'll he's sweet he's on his daughter now. It's my friends and show. David about town zoning army and the producer Dave radio and out on the streets of Atlanta to ask the hard hitting questions. About things like. Fathers and what better way to celebrate your own dad then letting us know what the funniest advice you ever got from the best advice the funniest advice. Like I'm my dad told me when I turned 21 to make sure he's my real ID and not my name. But that's not bad. If you're using your big idea at a club or at a party and the party gets busted. And you've been drinking should always give them your real ID it says here they can't you just one big caddies early. And CEO. If you get them here real idea. You won't get in trouble for drinking that they will get in her that you'll get in trouble for letting you in as a minor. The best advice that I died it can check your client that every time I have a couple he tells me take aside tequila and I'll be back. My dad always never let. Your wife find your whiskey and they're pretty concerned about booze I now did you ever get any it big advice from your dad and I think it's like. It's small but big that I got from my dad who is on take care of your hands these people notice your hands. So I use all that always stuck with any toning down as Leon so like take care of it doesn't make sure that like. He looked nice because. People. That senator I had a friend in college that he'd look yeah it's efforts handled it and Heatley sent the fat now that you point that out that's a really ECB quarterly growth Nancy hands. Yeah at this. Arraignment he's just like. You always take care now release of chutzpah I have now world talking Hannah and there aren't I think that's okay we'll continue to segment while we sit on our hands. That aggregate payments on some money without an amendment it and I didn't want to bring my. My dad Alex. And they gave me advice that he gave me was and indeed throughout the my dad always told me nobody tells you let's do and let things that your paycheck. My dad's I don't get here and accompanying. At least in morning once the plane hit the cup and I mean campus in Baghdad that hearing. My dad always tells me that if it is the playground of the double the. I don't become the company. Mosul and right before that. Right after he said I say it and Adam focus on it. I. In my mind nobody gets to boss you around. And less their signing a play and I I wonder how long it was before somebody used that line. Back at their own and it is by you don't pay check out perfectly room. They ended up grounded for like two months the boss of me it. He basically gave her permission to that does not listen anything he ever says. That he did it. Well look at this next group of people at the currency market in this group evidently their own dad thought that they were the best doctors themselves. I didn't say I'm Nancy medicine and and I didn't want us. That is evidence of its take it with the athletes. And on up there now have the athletes make it shots I think. Alex Jimenez the with a map. My dad always told me to turn on the water when I was going to the bathroom so now when here's BP. I. Cart public. Whenever I have heard me right behind us very tiny magnets and he'll story on our next. And. We've got some meals going yeah. And he just pouring down and check everything else sport and I haven't. Very very I ever told you assume my dad cut his finger yeah is meant to do. We needed stitches he cut his finger so bad knees and I think it could see the bones terrible is a fix in the garage door cut his finger so that. You know oh my gosh how many stitches did you do it. And he is you mothers puts in the sport and that wraps it up and bandages. Ahead. I did to that. He needs Abbie I knew I heard that he's on fixes everything sports. It's like that got from the movie my big fat Greek wedding Hugo wind exit on everything perfectly I thought that. Would that son of good job David and happy Father's Day all the dads out there with great advice we appreciate it. We'll he's sweet he's on his daughter now. It's my friends and show.