Where is This Relationship Going: Chloe's Response to Daniel

Thursday, June 16th


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Yeah star may be forewarned. We just talked to Daniel about his relationship with Rachel. And he said that he has now proposed a Rachel after five years because he's at a 100% sure she's ready to commit. I think they've he's just one of those people who can't do anything unless there's a 1000% and eight cents a 100%. How your assertion without our center and accuracy well it seemed a little bit weird because I thought maybe Rachel would have you know. Told him know in some ways that's right any red flags but he couldn't recite any of those stories so. Be interesting to hear what Khloe thinks after listening to gain pay clos ain't. Me I. That was that was I'd it was an odd exchange. And I'd seen I am so happy to have them all speculating I had no idea and going on edge on him like I hit it attic and he would wonder why let seeking that they go to. Hearing him say that it on her egg but Mary. I am so happy you and he had no idea. But it OK from a guy's point of view though if you would marry her tomorrow. And just do it than just doing it. Right yeah I think. Actually I think it will be the guy I did great I think that's all it is I don't I had at him like gold. It. You wanna go ring shot and then you take him I. Didn't get. I would keep to stay in touch and that's because something is making me uneasy. You just and and I'm not an ethnic I'm not adding drama. Let my guess is that people can back me something about that please. We're either he's scared of Mary's. He's putting it back and her that no woman wants to say 100%. Yes US tomorrow on whom you and haven't asked the next day because that. But you got to leave a little bit for the romance and I hate it it's leaking any questions about wanting to meet with her not closed trying to find a well then you got your answers for you please keep in touch. Well again Ali it happens it and it. I'd if somebody can I think you Chloe for openness with this if if somebody can try to put into words. What I'm trying to say 404741. 94 runs and something weird about his response I just can't. Speaking of the words. Were 047419400. Your calls next and the jet engines. Thank you for making this list today Jeffrey gen shop on starting nod before watch.