Where is This Relationship Going: Jeff and Jenn Talk to Daniel

Thursday, June 16th


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One. The Jesse James shall. On the phone with Khloe and she wants is to make a very important call for whereas this relationship go. She's actually calling on behalf of her sister Rachel she wants to know my Rachel's boyfriend is not proposed they'd been together for five years. And Khloe thinks it's an honest she did your 33 the skin married. All right you ready for us to make the call. And to me and hold you listening and welcome back the afterwards and I. I don't think and good luck to you and history. I. Hey this is Jeff and thanks for covenant with us today. We are in about your relationship with your sweet awesome amazing girlfriend Rachel. I. Yes yes she's awesome and her sister Khloe thinks and TO. And Chloe reached out to us and we do a segment on the show called where is this relationship now clearly meant to be perfect asked I'm Rachel to Neil. Because they've been together for a long and it seems like they should be getting married insert Finley and all the things that. Chloe wants for Rachel and she says that racial ones is so. In on their behalf. Well we come back. Accurate form. Fork slowly aware that relationship. And I say well we're. They shouldn't have been in general I am yeah she is. Definitely vote for me the relationship is going. That really where we pick. The best solution I've been in that. I am gonna try to translate if your phone was cutting out did you say the relationship is going. Exactly where you need it to be going. There should be an accurate you where it should be going and the bachelor chip ever. The question I think is asking news when he locked down. I think I've locked that down to pay. That but not earlier question should be. Actually trapped in a Rachel and and I think in. I think all of her court I would I would get aged two days we get married tomorrow. But it Workman. So it's really more of her car. Yeah. I'd do practically. When debating at such and she's just adorable Cox. Shouldn't. She hasn't made me verbal commitment yet. So have you said to her. Let's get married or will you marry me is again at that point. I well I haven't said that it now it is you know. It seemed like. A midnight. And they want you know they want you to know. Were they wanted to know what they're going to be proposed to. Or you act. Calm but she knows that time she knows that I am in the mindset. So even dancing around the topic but you have an actually proper news. I mean I have not proposed. Yet but I have said that I wanna get married on advocated on on I have little Rachel. Daniels you know site. Runaround out. So I'm confused because you said we have to ask her so. If you kind of brought it up to her and then she said no not yet or are well older horses or whatever women would say. You know I think we live and in a crazy world and I think maybe she just wanted it. She just want to make sure she's ready I don't know anybody's ready. I think maybe she's got. Deals. How long we should be your relationship. We actually get picture. I don't know but yes she's kind of though it's been like well talk about it and talk about it in. She seems and buying interest yeah. Now are you sure that she's the wine delaying it seems a little grain. Or is she just trying to hint hey you. On the trade and ask him questions like. Change you actually think that you know that there are many packet. Brought up several times where my. Do you think about getting buried now we think about that and cute about it in the future together in Powell's. You know long term plan. Which is like most girls dream to hear that conversation. But she seemed resistant so what do you think if you went diamond shopping and you. Got down irony with the rain you think she'd say no. And yet he can happen up there are hundreds of genes that can say yes I'm still waiting for like. With murder for. That go become nervous. Mean obviously. There. The human loss and he did agree track him back. Larry you wincing like tax. Because this guy is putting in on her and I think it's on him OC think he's he's giving some excuse that he wants her to be a 100%. Like yeah let's do it 1000%. Absolutely I'm ready I'll definitely say he has and I think she wants the romance of that happening without I am. I'm an army ants I seem you're saying. A big orgies and get some more answers out of him about how Rachel's and dissent or stand I don't know. No I think Rachel's fine I got checked his phone has gone right to voice my let's go let's keep trying to track him down. Well welcome back we'll talk to Chloe yeah we are man enough to talk to club yeah. I'll be that in three minutes here Chloe back countless. And we'll see huge injuries in me next and the jet engines and thank you for making this switch today Jeffrey Jones Shia on starting 94 watch.