Jeff and Jenn Show's Rap Battle

Thursday, June 16th


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Jesse James Shields and show Vizio. Conversation I had 4047419400. OnStar. More lawn. The idea I have for this year now. May go no. But I think we're obligated to try it is certain area of brainstorming or no vantage I totally. So that's I get creative. We don't have anybody locked. Last night. James cordon ahead Kevin Hart again. And this went down last night and games cordons. Hard. Us. Let Jane's tour and late night quarter. If you were the American people what. Like Bob men. It's more like into. Of the art and game. Act bottle when you. Our big holes to make Jimmy Kimmel phils fan. You'll seventy. Honestly because of the have you rent a movie people might actually save. OK so that was not. Jose rap battle that went down last may take these past and open some. So the idea I think is it. We've got some beets in this system okay. The. I'm at this time that I had about half and they symbols go about preparing. There's some. Boots. True. I think we have a rat now. I'm I'm this year how's that we've got pretty user David in studio. And of course myself and that we've memory and there's any means in the state yesterday. That she's. Saved you earned performance. Fees you're familiar with performance rights. So we all thought that's so red right now. So let's open our newspaper. I say they probably have liked the eighth to prepare for their or you can. It's half of comedy writer for the idea hello we got to please so what's that race. Might steelers' list David will be wrapping. Fifth and what you guys I had a Monday and will be rapping about guacamole. Jeannie. And case yeah yeah and I am gonna wrap about Matt our. Power yet that's bizarre time who's going first. Right now it is on him to go first the but that's OK I David. The rap battle it is just like a couple lines that I thought I hit I think we'll tell you when you finished at large. Just feel it's a feel thing OK okay producer David. The rapping about Taylor Swift and I can think of one word that rhymes with. Well I've never felt like. That Taylor left and right. Personally I would just be utilized ever hands and yeah. It happened. They'll incorporate a huge threat of New Orleans left and it's nice to be a rather you at least saying words and people will be like once he dealing your ID. And as Al over me. Taylor Swift. She likes the believed that she passes them around like they're just totally. Taylor Swift go and hit that Tom hills then. Watch out what she's just gonna get a new system and good. Florida. We say sometimes you pair I would think this would be better of yeah we have in time of right welcoming Carolina who put that I mean can now. And that's without the skills. Right agent skills with Lindsay. I think so. It. Home at moments like this. Thoughts if that's how does little more upbeat excited I mean it's MC. Sorry sorry Eminem. The. Didn't get sick at Drake. England. Illness that we go. Holding mostly it's about guacamole. Made from other Condo and I love it yeah oh. Sometimes it's crowded but I'm getting down with the ligaments lead them to. That that's been an animal and he won't let. The ranking. Ranked ahead. You'd be. We would now I am human again next year ago last. I. This is. Pretty yeah. I and you are. Rapping about blanket. It. Omni. Now. Oh. And I'd like it. I. You know. You. I am. I can't have. And. You're supposed to be the what do you envision these three and actually look it was. So by an intimate friends of Atlanta. But they do live on the Internet they lowered it. Eddie Jeff what do you record and now Matt Lauer oh right now our. Not a it. Columnist a flower you know him as Mac. They called Al Roker you used to be fat and out your. You've got skinny. Many of the I. You went to the White House mr. Al Roker and tried to get down. Which ended up turning your underwear brown yeah we haven't forgotten. We know the story. This isn't about Matt Lauer. And not even born me. I think I I hey now you want and then I. Guacamole. And ultimately rise and that's when I want it now that the act. So I think if we are gonna rank that round match. Jan David you have. Mean. I. He gave up two I don't. Lie. I just adds I'm the one and everything you wonder do you want to take a few minutes and back in you give me like them. I don't know I think with this feature may be just like a prize tonight. Thank you for making this list today Jeffrey gen Shia on installing 94 watch.