Ghost Hunting: We Get Charlie's Reaction

Wednesday, June 15th


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Just a few minutes ago mark told us there's nothing wrong with Chara choose the great hero. Though she wondered why mark was confident their dates. Date reference hey Charlie. Whole city big news is you're great you're just not as great Asia for a penny talking depicts an evening. Yeah I wish confronting that highlighted really neat talking about. And now. Why am I gonna drive you nuts now to figure out who he's really into sedan. Yeah I have licked out IQ clustered documented. Yeah that I like. Making making very thing. You're being competitive about it like of the five people are you hotter than all of them some of them and. I mean that I don't know that opinion weird and that. When I was listening as a true life war like you know like lengthy evening Annika but it certainly you know so that wonder. And he. If there. While though like if it's if there's a run. Mean I think and I like during until her relationship executed leading to the she's got an early and should I mean. Well I talked about it and happy and you know play. What are you glad you found out now then. Definitely yeah I'm glad you guys out there certainly has been thinking about mark and now. Because the way I look at it is. There are really really great restaurants and let's that your friend is that really great restaurant and the best restaurant city. It comes to you can't get a reservation in that restaurant. For a month. But you still daddy in the meantime. So you like to you compare this woman then. Yeah do you insulting. Ayman smack you reach it because it's there I thought it was. We're really into it on the city's day. Chicks told them like if you really need to quit just. Like not having music now. Right in views are really into her that much. You women in all your romance I understand completely coming from market makes total sense to me Charlie thank you for bring in this story to this sorry Ernie will be more out. No you're not thinking which it luck or just. She now. Or one.