Leaving the Baby Home Alone

Thursday, June 9th


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You have this show should really be called the jazz and chanting usually how does he can't do it without you. Lots of world war so. It's going 941 that. Jenna I can't wait for you to hear this woman has to say. She is having a dispute. We have a friend of hers that's significant dispute created a friend of hers. Heard her name is Michelle. Okay and her friend is Danielle. Session and Xenia. Russia Michelle has and nine month old baby. And Danielle think she's an awful fat. Hey Michelle gonna show up. I'm old school. So we're going to try to solve a dispute between you and your friend Danielle who said some pretty. Harsh things about you is that correct. Wall Street and we have been friends for twenty years and for it to be this tackler not talking it's pretty it's awful. Let's. Or our own we start saying I am a mom. But I'm great or at home mom and my hat to comply mark he's been making parent. We have our baby is our everything right now. And I've always been. We able to Latino kids you know it's a great track there well. We have not had a knife out and thank you for it than not and live literally two minutes from really great restaurant and yet you have a union has been or Ewing and I'll start. Oh. We wanted to I could see the baby monitor awful. From the rest Utley went out to dinner and came right back with the baby hopefully they call at all. I'm certain that perfectly silent but now I know is. Are horribly irresponsible parents believe she even allow me. What Turkey it's have become so irresponsible albeit. I'd 4047419400. That's the number two the radio station. Let me ask if you questions you forage and asks them because it looks at the tenor fascia some. And I just shocked I'm shocked you guys do that well how close. Are there Russia because it is Jen view there's these live work play communities or whatever. So it is it literally in your building or you when you say it's three minutes away or out on the way you said it was. Like how close he Utah. Yet we want there with them well and how it's not far. I was two minutes by car. With them and that. I was envisioning. I was. I was envisioning it being a situation. Where like the restaurant review it and that one of the apartment communities but restaurants on the first floor at the thing. And saying I don't think it would make it any better I mean Michelle what you're doing not only incredibly dangerous. But it's negligent and I think potentially illegal. Been watching my maybe attacking her on the ball. I know how those phone monitors work and their fantastic until your Wi-Fi goes outs. And she just goes home. I honestly think it's illegal Jeff I'm I'm just I I think if defects got ahold of this and knew about it. Did she could have her kids taken me is not just a dispute with your friend and I think. Your friends. Is right and that she's really upset with you. I I just think it's incredibly irresponsible what if something happened. Hey I'm. Hey Stephanie Stephanie. Hey what's going on Mario. And gave talked to Michelle she yeah yeah. I am I I agree and I. Tech and Bernhard that that look at what I'm hearing what you're yet rolled out our and could not eat something a lot in her and that's how well. If anything like that have a seven month old little boy myself there at LA how expertly. How I'm here at the driveway I have other feel great. They're not that that it happened so quickly added that it out it. I have felt that way too I've felt nervous to get the mail. Yeah yeah. I have older at all that and you're out at bat there's no way that I would do it happened so quickly that he. Thought that if you're not there yet Iraq. Try. It now under what is happened at your house like what is Sammy broke in your house. God forbid there's a burglary that happens I hit or two minutes. Yet there's no way no way to get there. I'll. Knee. I just don't I mean I think the cost of a baby sitters somebody that is trusted to be your house. Even if it was you know I neighborhood teenager did to someone needs to be there in case something happens. Hey my dad. Hey I can you hang out what second we're gonna come right back and it takes a more. I'll phone calls here is saying is that they're they're overwhelming but I wanna keep you on hold. By that carries she's kind of waved the majority. I would like to hear from somebody who agrees national. There's got to be one person out there who can say she's a block and there's video monitor. 404 hours 74 line. It is the pattern in it 4047419400. Gen John we just.