Scott Has a Fan!

Tuesday, June 7th


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So it's. Scholes. And Jessie. We're keep pens got trashed her head engineer in studio this morning to not only. If he'd be reviewer of the bachelorette for the season for the Jeff contention out he's also our chief engineer. And responsible for a lot of things around here. Yet he keeps their radio stations and the Jerry keeps a sounding as I guess as good as we can sound right and there's a bunch of staff that happens in the building that week. Don't really understand and that's that so we wanna ask Scott about this morning in particular Scott. Can you tell us please. What that public five health news. The public file it is Tuesday. Retainer. Of information that's required from the Federal Communications Commission case seems very official. Yes it contains our license yeah. Many other types of files like letter from the public. What we do yield Wired News and soulful gutter okay so if we receive some correspondence from the public. Correct then we should place that in the public file. Must be maintained in the public file for up to three years OK okay so late got something for gas so would this week this year ago in the public file loses an email that we receive. Heights and I listen to you and Jeff every morning on my drive to work this week you introduced contrast to the show as a reviewer for the bachelorette show. Dot dot I have in all caps never done anything like this before but is he married. If I. I was industry private jets saw tax support him and who doesn't like a man's man to determine if there. These things BS sports and many he made me laugh this morning. Then when I watch the live feed of his report and that G and Hansen two. She's a very waive it wave went anyway and I'd just facts Georgia last year. Me someone hasn't been difficult it's been impossible. And she says anyway at the risk of getting out ending up on air I thought I'd reach out banks from bath bath bath. Would you director. A 100% right. You're okay we're gonna major hey I can stop and train on a Dodgers might look at that and sold without. You are your man's man yeah yeah yeah in the army for ten years you smoking of cigars you played your poke you file the Sox got the Red Sox. Right we haven't even talked about. Your obsession we've Disney and the Disney artists we have that would take power yeah that's gonna make that's gonna make you know easily eat more engineering. Bites. If if IE if if I eat and understand everything correctly nothing's changed in the past few weeks you are your happily married and happily married for thirty years. So she saw FaceBook live but she didn't see that that that ring that you there every now and that's probably actually is that Lisa they are probably. So global print this out and you'll shows how to put in the public eye allergies you wanna be in charge of that and I just send it to me and I'll put in the public eye. Jen shall we go it's.