Scott's Bachelorette Recap - June 7, 2016

Tuesday, June 7th


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Making this legs and it's just it's our need for. And now it's gotten. Despite your ass from Boston and you like to regain Kodiak smoking again as a trend shouted yeah. Joined bachelorette stuff when Jeff and Janet know what store I did. Did you enjoy this as at that at yeah. And a half. And yeah. I'm submitting to go around in another phone line as well as on his buddies from south I'll play a budget Mitterrand of the other. This suggests that. Not flinch under Franklin senate case I say so I was sure I measurement and I feel the love and romance and retreat wreck. Scott is our our own you know right now this is yet to be. I out of touch was so I don't get you know I'll just a metal. Boss I do you have any expectations going in can see here's the deal Scots that. The chief engineer at the radio station he's never watched a minute reality TV in his life and we said he would be the perfect guy. To have a conversation every week sometimes twice and equaled and then later. Every week about the bachelor. Jody show Dayton 25 guys trying to find love on television did anybody do that app. It's just. I couldn't have a key word yeah. So what is what's been most surprising to you saints. Starting this journey. With huge. She's OK okay she's she's flying yeah just the idiots and what did still wanted to try to get her attention. Specifically chance. He's the whole story from the years of cash cuckoo for cocoa puffs. And I had. Okay. Yeah you're talking about. Rory great right now yet you talk about draped in a topic that is neither did the you said off protein powder problem or is it potter he's got to be out they'll lift inning brought the and vicious like. Are you making up for two things. Yeah. Collaborate. On battered by dirty knows I'm talking about. Point to that guy is cuckoo for cocoa puffs I'm telling you so. He'd be out if I'm Joseph Joe's father yeah. And Edmund comes to me like he did. Euro. Just goes out yeah. Well they're gonna keep them around for the drama of the ratings right Intel Jeff what happened last night schedule on the shall give him the ball recap. We have all the tension yeah you're hurting note that this guy to go right. So what's the one thing you know try to do you gonna try and picked a fight. Steroid usage and released earlier overdose. Your ability. Withdrawal from people. Saying things like the girl trying to date is nagging me I don't know how. That was a dig right and I'll chat immediately sold now here's my question for Kevin Cash. Why do you wanna pull the there was this. Well wouldn't you wouldn't you don't I mean if Chad is the guy chads the road rage guy. An android re right rage back yet chads the steroid guy and Evian is that viewed provoking him program understands race or maybe erect tile dysfunction special social work. That's his job that's his that's his job. I think about that's why is lighted up with a Rory dude. That's a clients as hell yeah that's that's. Potential client arm but here's the thing up Evan is what a 150 pounds wet. Yeah okay he had chats to 75. Guy. Real yes we want to go through that yes he definitely pick and it's gotten to the point now where they have security guards now yeah and and also. After recourse when enemy gets done goes up into the audience. We have a little problem. Yeah. Under a place usually. We're just trying to get time. Knowing that we're talking about we're making jones' stand up comedy did. I steady amount for the same time. You can crawl through you know need to invest in the situation she appreciates can be fun you know. So I'm guessing there and out of Atlanta and a date night or something at a comedy club that this is a group date I okay with twelve home. They've gone or comedy club yet which the comedy is about sex. Campaign yet so they admit being made to get up and tell a story tank and of course Chad as one anything to do with the chances yeah. He's too cool aunt to quote mystical I'm taller that that that's in the past if Georgia is your daughter and you have got to choose either a better chance. For her to go away for a new romantic weekend these are the last two available the last two humans don't have them at an attack Chad scares me guys. Chatzky is it to the point where I'm hoping Joseph Joseph season. That he's dangerous kind. It really I really I think he has like it got to the point last night where Evan actually went to the host Chris Harrison said. I don't feel comfortable here one don't forget to Evan also gave an ultimatum to Jo-Jo and Joseph Joseph. Keep him one. The rose. Then went Enzo happened in which yet what the problems. There's no problem. I think there is more. Armed now. How can I ask you questions. One is that I've been responding to rumors had another you know that she had talked Raymond who's the when he says Evan Evan initially and is Chad hammered. Yeah he is did drinking. Do know. Don't don't express my. Like she's you're you're actually right now. Prime minister yeah. And don't appreciate what you're dying. I mean just. Right in front and everybody. Mean most awkward moment I've never been a part of its awesome. No we're on the planet earth will ever chooses and the war. These things other than to come to light sweet her front yard. He seems fine is again a Kodak. We saw last week he's the villain and he's definitely continued to be the villain and you know I had to be careful last night because you know tonight as another. Two hours. Because of the NYA finals you know on next Monday yeah I miss and another poker games. So what you're saying is stave lockout a little bit of time for so I don't know what I've done what I try to do is I don't try to watch the next week's highlights. Because I don't wanna tone. MS yeah yet tarnish what we saw last night court now because I don't wanna look at it yeah. There's but. Chad's got that call and I am glad Joseph Joseph did finally stand up a point a finger. And say what she said so evident shed they both get roses. Well they had no rush hour and next tonight and that's I think and I that's tonight at CNN right now though. You had three people get roses last night which was chased Evan and jeans T and I limit I'm I'm for team broadcasting DJ is never about girls meanwhile threw the only one. Jen shall we go.