Gratitudy Fresh and Fruity - June 6, 2016

Monday, June 6th


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Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people are often. Better Judy fresh and pretty we get every single Monday morning on the jet engines. The concept is simple put a body here red. Gratitude. And that you are pushing negative thoughts at a dead in your day you'll start batters and accents hassle I got to do is start a sentence. Waves today I am grateful for and off you go we'll actually start things off actually today you are grateful for. I am grateful for reminding me think we late date men born third base in second. That I asked. Him. Often brats that's so big. Here and mom's doing well. And doing great they like on Saturday. Between it and enhance earn uncle is the best thing right if you get all the perks of the kid. We have none of them Massey and his give it back. I am looking forward I think I. I awesome yet none of the sleepless nights right away. Jagged kind of a serious late scary 1. Today I am grateful that I didn't die. I was. I. Did that was driving. Two. South Carolina this weekend okay and I don't know. What it what if I was kind of falling asleep this tired or whatever but I had. But there is about fifty yards of driving where I didn't like. But my eyes closed and you were not conscious that we heard this rule is do weirdest thing now well in my line of Travis to that. But like. To the point where I think I might reject that I think I was just tired by them about it yeah I'd had that where you get so tired eyes kinda closed you don't realize you've done it that's I think that's what Hannah and I am assuming it was just tired or whatever that was smaller Akron has yet statement or whatever but like Elvis and that's where. Where it was only gosh and I sent a little prayer. Did you get that shot of adrenaline I have hundreds and you were wide awake right thousand for. I'm ash 1000000000. So grateful you live yeah me too. Hey Leslie welcomed the jet engine showed today you're grateful for. Today I am grateful for being able to go to my critic actually colleges choose. To school. I'm and he goes you know well and world techie and it's really up in the head that aspect okay that they. DO averages Barry before. You know love and laughter. It's. Oh yeah it's been a big smile and wouldn't that. That's my congratulations to him come music. 80%. K. Although I'm thankful for my hill. How has had health as I was a great ease and had written before. UAW got the ability to say today I am grateful for that some to be grateful for absolutely Jack thank you so much hands down. And one last call Stacy in Smyrna today I. I'm grateful for. Today. Am grateful for my friend that and she is on the court with two years and even armed and that are like right now. I had heard loud and energy across the world. That's cool that's incredible gift for her today and actually here. Today and thankful for people in the world you're much more selfless than mine right yeah yeah. Thanks for being bombarded and job so I know people want to.