Mouth Guard Password: We Get a Winner...Sort Of

Friday, June 3rd


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Thanks for being a part of it. So. Well. I'd it's called them out guard password. Cute couple more on this past week and Aniston might wind Anniston. Army war. It holding Monday night we had Verizon. On Monday. Madison Europe. You. A tough time nationally and a hit. It. It. I had them. He. It. I mean. It. And and. I had and I didn't and I'm handing me an eye on nine. Aren't tied it up. Okay. How are here I am here. I won't I didn't let up in that area now. Yeah. Yeah. I am not and I and the united. And yeah. Are. Yeah. Snakes today. I and I. I. It's. And and. And on and theme. So before we will. You got to hurry Alexandria and artists. And Jeanne. Iron. Oh. Airliner pathetic. Merck. And dean. And out of that. They're lying prophetic. It out of wondering what. It. Why. Obama. I is seen. IRA is. Iron. Man. And I mean. Are you. I'm. At the argument that. I. Need. In. Any. But. That it. I mean. That static Y. Means. Yeah yeah. Time here. I bet on the right. There did you. Very. Yeah. If you could understand when yes that I gave you inherit their. Dad and I. Thank you have a good implying a line and I. That's not a partner where you. Are. It and pulled out all now on. We're gonna give each apparent tickets mainly because you're the only two listeners we have left. And appreciate that. Do you or making this switch and they Jessie.