Mouth Guard Password:: Taylor Swift Edition

Friday, June 3rd


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Thanks for being a part of it is so. Well. Mouth guard password aids. A game that we play from time to time on the show where Jen and I each putting. Lipper tractors these are the things that Dennis puts in your mouth. To keep keep it open explaining it ridiculous. When these days I'm like where it paid. Race rate now for next and we're gonna earn money. For putting these plastic gadget arm out. This isn't live. This ridiculous what to say Janet we get paid to speak for a left. Right we earn money to talk. So here's what we're gonna do it reported a place that arm out that make it difficult for us that all we're still gonna get paid for. Pace due. Our existing foods you. Think the hi Connie. Are you Connie I'm great how are you did and how are you Madison. Says Connie I understand your team Jess. Yet her I. And. That actually you know we don't need teams as this that we any teams where his next start will start Connie with you okay so. We're gonna we're gonna recite here you lines from Taylor swift's songs because the pork bill child's heart broke and so we're gonna we're gonna recite lines from Taylor swift's songs kinda yielded to go first. You just have to repeat the line back to us Italian edit it you get right. That's a point he get it wrong at Madison has a chance to steal first went to three's the winner and. When they're winning. Eagle and it's you big counties can help and we can't. And hurt. Her home. It. Yeah and. And the other thing. Right now I this I'm getting. And he's been at odds and and. Connie. As time goes and then. And adding. You. Know look. My god they. Garments so. Yeah. After nine UT. Yeah. So yeah. And it's. One. I lectured us. I'm gonna say you Obama are believed could. It's. At a Penske. And I had to get. Back. Yeah. I'm not rule them he. I and so easy. Studies show you how sorry you will be. The I would couldn't line and I. I. That's. Go to Aniston's Anderson you can get you to aggregate and and times I attended a doesn't that you get. And evidently. Eight non. I think Jeff took that home has been practicing because I didn't really Anderson. You sir Ken and Daria. You showed us no. Yeah I feel now. Hope you share certain hey and unites hackney. Yes it does that mean I mean. Good job of. I had yeah. It. I'm. At. The time and time. Well or I'm sure I. Am sad. Yeah yeah. I. And acted on. It's. I. It. And it. I. It sunlight and shining like Feyerick fears that can be done. Let him let him live. And it. Right now and I. They outline. Quite. I. My shirt and we happening with the bosses. I'd expect all right. That's. I think it got yeah higher. I think he's completely gone and I now and now look acting now in the dead zones wouldn't. Even practical about it right. Only goes.