Where is This Relationship Going: Emily Responds to Adam

Thursday, June 2nd


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Thanks for being a part of it. So. Well this segment is called where is this relationship going and it allows normally Jana and I. To ask the really awkward questions and your significant other side. Today we. Recruited in the department. Into celebrity edition of where's this relationship now and here I am. We just found out from Adam that Amelie is the person that he's gonna spend the rest of his life when he's at a percent Sherman. Hey Amelie. Lol hey did you hear that Nancy and negotiating tactic by one into your friends are and. Yeah. I'm really happy. Because that prayer but he has yet all the money and like on the county. It happened. You. Want. But can he can and I got the dollar art and she did not. And like each sector and again what it would lose. And and yet have are our future and like. I turn around and oh. They're on the they've rats and now. The entire. French all of that he my friend and like he would that tablet maybe he didn't have all the time attack kept her three. The plane and we just get play. Well we added this means and let's see and just. Yeah. I. Im like if you want to get money hiring like. Like he all the things that are great. And not like he is there something you know I. You know get married at all apple. Yeah aware and I wanna marry someone. Money and they end. Up on the right. He's not spending the money. On himself he's supporting. The Georgia Bulldogs which is right and academic like Ayers and that's yeah. I understand what women and an hour and a little news section. Shares is fine. Have heard about your round. All I will say I don't like what people tell people how to spend their money in general like. In a different night I nice pars that I can't afford to come on spring break you acts. You aren't relationship and I think if he's using as an excuse and you kind of get. The. And you know like Amelie here's here's what eyes and taken away from this whole. I got him at the end to commit to having a conversation with view within the next 2448 hours. So I of IP. And despite others love gibberish women and their. I got a sudden rate down to the important stuff I got into the negotiating team. So. He's gonna come be on when he guys. Then you can say to him hey there's if there's a financial situation like me you've got to play some some white gold at a tailgate party. Yeah. On. House. And that's what they're taking stuff and talent it just. Instead boxing but that is good to the pawnshop he has hired all of this is your pilot things just now I am. Emily thank you for coming out of the Internet. And I. Yeah.