All the Feels - June 1, 2016

Wednesday, June 1st


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Thanks for being a part of it. Well sorry that people lost at home is the million. Mom few hundred million. Currently. Did show don't. A lot of bad news in the world you have to look hard to find bad news. I'm never. Finding good news though it is more difficult sometimes we view of the lake where we find good news stories. We call this segment all of the fields and you're welcome to be a part of it 4047419400. If you wanna share you're good news with us. Maybe if you graduation story just anything good that happened in your communion we wanna hear about it here for all the feels. I am gonna start one off about a dog and or again is the tenure colleague. Who lived in Portland Oregon and Ollie was having some health issues Ali that Collie. Ali the calling it straight suddenly had become paralyzed. And they say a lot of different things can cause paralysis and dogs like fractured vertebrae even cancer and it's that could not figure out why. Ali was paralyzed and I got to the point where he couldn't even go to the bathroom anymore. And they were about to have to have Alec put that in one dog to be definitely didn't want that to be in pain. And in an intern at the vet actually felt a lock behind one of his ears and removed to hit. That was causing the paralysis. And this intern at the vets office actually saved Ali's like here's the story from. When his mobility question shot late and she was paralyzed is just weird seeing him just laying out for about knowing that. I thought our kids so much more life and you know she's finally we think I have heard camel. Finally decided you know that they have reached their limit and what's the time to to hopefully pass and stand he couldn't walk and urination and defecation. And so they actually have instructions to go get his bladder emptied it twice today from the regular bed to see if you improve anything from can't search the trauma fracture of of of a vertebrae or spinal fracture. Anyone of these things could cause similar side. He was in that room like about to get you know put to sleep and place finish this here race that the people found something and excited to just check it out for them the next morning my mom. I opened the door and she said look at you got me and he comes walking up to me. An exciting and just barely awake and and in just smile at me. Because of my tick. Because of it hit it once and benefit pick Ollie goes back to normal within about ten hours with Kenneth square these found out right at the mama enemies I am now. I don't know what kind of tick but basically that's what was causing the paralysis in government take the dog is absolutely fine. How much fun would it be get this take and put it but people you don't like Allison and just let and let them wet themselves and crap on themselves. A concern that there for a couple days and take the takeoff and I'd as. All the fifth set up. An athletic trainer for a based on Cincinnati has brought a defibrillator and every sporting event he's covered for the past two decades never I'd use it. But earlier this month a lacrosse player collapsed after gaining. Hit in the chest with the ball his heart stopped and the trainer used the defibrillator and saved his life and sister. Asked the Bosnia by transplantation yes I was like I hug you just say my my brother like you're the one I'd I've never met for. We embrace for like that's where it felt like ten minutes a part of three department hum. You know event. Like that you know how to proper equipment and no real way back from. Literally quit. Just fortunate to the team of not professional that took initiative to come out now they. I would got one more quick story for you for all the fields is as good news is seven Oreo guy Washington DC. Hit another guy's car back in 2000 while. It turned out the other guy knew all woman he dated in the seventies so after 33 years they got back intact and. About a month ago that's fantastic. Car accident led to a landing enjoy you can wrap it up for us from Douglas hill when he got. That I had been. Writing or by year who would I and yeah it always there thirteen fifteen and seventeen. And at a double is it being wary he is the diet you know let Adam I don't want an anymore. I think in the upper right I am Ali in the right now at three point miss that back door it was neat for at our. That god congratulations and that is what all the fields is all about kids for the millions. Feels Helen billions. Did show don't. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.