Fell Asleep on the Job

Wednesday, June 1st


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This league he's on his stunning. So. If you wanna admit to falling asleep on the job. 40474194. Until it is the phone number we don't have to use your real name right if you're still working man I don't know it. Furiously about half hour ago you could come now. We're talking about this because there are conflicting reports. Over a flight eight delta flight that was on its way to Reese I believe. In happened last week rate after the Egyptair flight. I'd crash into the Mediterranean and tensions were already high. An F sixteen fighter jets had to be scrambled to intercept delta flight after. It did not identify itself. And the Greek authorities are saying that I that we think the pilots fell asleep with not totally uncommon in the plains and out of. So it's not a an air traffic control's going hey guys there which were taken in. It you know right I'm missing easy if I was just checking on everybody and they get no answer no answer answer. Survey an aviation news survey says that of UK airline pilots that more than half have fallen asleep. And a third of them woke up to also find their co pilots asleep. Nav that is dangerous is it sounds because commercial jets are compliant and auto pilot. But spell. What buttons yeah the only video little bit of what you take the news that it anyway little bit alarming. Our friends in doubt they say that's absolutely not the case there a day. It split between me hand out beat traffic control agencies and save the pilots were asleep so. Believe that there's a pact would use it as a springboard to talk about people who have fallen asleep. Hey Jessica in Atlanta welcome this year. Who's goes and often your world. Apparently Jessica is fifth the fifth page Noriega and Marietta who's fallen asleep I. Or eight. I would say eight yeah or wherever I would cry man. And they've got meat and pay only crowd around and cold Lee. They're gonna come Leon and a couple of my uncle and I and they did a plea. I don't know how many and lots and. How many kids have kids are you watching. Why would you like Edgar but we'll take it as quiet and I'm not sure like how many and it than my eight years. And how did you happen to wake up. And with an Ira. Quite yet. At the movies that hit the movie ended there was the movies and I. You know I'm having an advocate where Iran and Iraq. And why I. See. Actually welcomed the jet engine and share which it goes off. I am pre school teacher and blocking the baby and hopefully. Yeah hi I am constantly. On really rocking the baby isn't glamorous at the end. Bring an end Chris Brown clinic. That happens to meet the lately when I'm racking our youngest and its air unlike. In dreamland in about two minutes that's okay Jenkins you're at home with your own child thought she's getting paid to watch other children. But I understand how it and they get. They came to cure what he got. Our as a substitute teacher I was in between aside from one after another and I. Have a large and it I'm sleep and Iraqi Jerry. At it well ultimately is oriented not knowing where I live online and I honestly or anybody locked in on. That's hard so. When you wake up at eight that's not a cat nap when you wake up disoriented like that are mostly. What days eight Jessica in Atlanta what's up. So. And supports Apple iPod. Apollo. And then. I'd and it inside or. That's all I spotlight like actors equity but we keep the government like art or. Like I. In law. And I think it won an awful permanently really inappropriate so light heat and all of and about ire. I. I play it it would really bad news they're. And it before. And it all we've got today. Yeah now that's. That is really that not to place. Accenture might wait I. And they get that image making her I actually think they unit that ice. I got whatever burn that he ever went out. So hit it. I. We'll they should just sit out so they can have a Fuller. I'm you think you but I didn't like Ari cannot write it got late eighty medication that liquid that take up a day. If. Yeah on the generals and everyone in the reports that. All right. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.