Ghost Hunting: Scott's Response to Amy

Wednesday, June 1st


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Lots of choices in the morning and we appreciate that. Starting out before once we are ghost hunting and we just called Amy on Scott's behalf. Unfortunately for Scott Amy had no recollection of who he buys. Hey Scott carrier. Are all bummed out. And did you hear all of that from Amy. When when really ringing a bell with America back to. Great it made I guess make. I mean what do you think about it if her job is to the what was the nature of year was that like. Sales numbers are inventory or something I'm trying to think of why you have to talk and. You won't add a new orders you and then go back. Four numbers. OK so if there are. Let's say. And I'm totally guessing but if there are. A dozen people today and she's assigns to twenty minutes every wine. Like that's kind of a mind numbing you know what I mean so if they're small talk. While she's waiting for something a load on our computer for you to find. You know copied or canceled check or whatever from might have to. Take up time she's accurate remember that Utley that you. Now. We did our jobs though yeah we did the worst thing sensible huge I have to suck for you really did a great. And down and sorry we didn't get into day one it though. Can you think you guys out there. Now we are amazing that's a word that I often use to describe myself. He's not giving back I thank you Scott. I thanks brilliant actually is typically your choice. I successful goes on for us. Not for Scott and Jeff intention starter before. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.