Ghost Hunting: Jeff and Jenn Talk to Amy

Wednesday, June 1st


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Shall all star and 841. Yesterday morning we heard from Scott he wants us to find Amy here's the deal he doesn't know anything really about her. Except for the name of the company she worked or. In 2000 and. Well well they became friends of his thumb and had to talk every single day for work stuff became really good friends and then one day he called for work stuff and she will marry Marc. He said he's been dreaming about her. Is married and he did say that his wife knows that he's trying to track Downey me. Yes so she's actually the one recommended he can't act passed. I Scott we did it find Amy we have her information and you get to listen in while we cough. I needed to listen in and then we will come back to you after we talked to her Hannah tank. I I. Or. Amy I eat and this is Jack Hanna and Jeff for the Jeff content channel and we are come into intense face it you about a lot of us friend of ours. Goal at hand half. And so we do a segment on our Chicago's hunting and there's someone who's like you disappeared from. And he is trying to track you down. And this is at your company works for about four years ago. And he talked to him every day on the phone you know I'm getting to what I'm talking about Scott's. They're in the you're you know. When you're glad I got booed. Q did you have a job about four years ago in the YouTube left abruptly in 2012. And that job entailed you talking to somebody the same person on the phone every day or something like that and his name is Scott. I didn't I mean why would permit. About that company networks truer form for awhile back. And I don't Lorena I talk in terms of people everyday. My computer twenty people a day. You know I don't work all. In the evening. And particularly down. He said that your phone conversations should be about fifteen minutes or so every single day. For. Many years how many years since 545. School. My. A true. Intervene in the balance yeah yeah yeah. Is that how long you talk to everybody for you said he talked a twenty people today Sony talking every one of them for ten or fifteen minutes. He adds about. Kind so anyway he asked us to track you down because he wanted to reconnect with UP city been having some dreams about you that you had been coming up in his subconscious thoughts and he wanted to. Find out how you where and where you are now and and what's going on with you so can you hold out once I impressing me. Shore or an act OK hang on 12 because we need to get some more like and a identifiable. Things to. Hey Scott. Can you think of any thing that would help Amy remember who you are. And where did you get married during that time did you have kids did you move anything notable about your conversation. That might help. Her remember who you are. We. Yeah pull out like bush I guess in the middle well I get married. That. I. Was anything anything notable about your wedding anything that might make it go. Wheaties. Got married at Ashe at all then they wish to talk about Archie. She had an actual so bottom cute. I perfect pulled out of tanked. The that if you don't match and right yeah thanks Amy. Why Scott said that you might remember him because is. He got married during the time that you guys were talking and got married in Asheville, North Carolina and you had some. Connection to Asheville does that. Make you remember who he is at all. He got married but he's having dreams about me. Yeah he his wife was the one who actually contacted the radio show to contact usage eight. I don't think that it's a it's not a romantic interests at that it's just it's that's a friendship thing. It's not romantic creepy it's just creepy. I mean. Honestly I didn't confirm her locked like you're trying to get inspiration or you know. And so yeah I don't earlier chatting with him about winning cash and trips there that does bring about. In the literal. Should we as one team can what it would be conversations and. And we can't they're workers Asians are about work. But did you to have the same conversation everybody you talk to during the day did you have the same conversation with damp. I am act he has played and you pretty much work really that mean you know you I should like schlock art or incompetent about. Champagne and Chile. Could end in congratulated them saying that's what I was very busy. We go back him if you want but I think. She is amber and I'll think about her job she had it. She's on the phone all day all day for four years. At least. With the 120 people a day having the same conversation. Let Scott only talked to one. Amy Amy talked to. Dozens of he's he's just all right Amy thank you and where an actor from Larry is now down apologize for not giving any information anything. So are crawling aren't your kids I've seen it right. Creek country Alfred I we'll come right back and we'll check in with Scott's hands. You heard all that so we'll get his reaction we'll do next. Thanks for being a part of it. Job so I know people want to.