Ghost Hunting: Scott and Amy

Tuesday, May 31st


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I love rejoices in the morning and he tells us we appreciate that. So starting now before one. Goes setting on the jet engines show is when we climb down somebody didn't come lately. Disappeared out of your life this is quickly become one of the favorite bits that we view. Today we are talking with haste that. Again so who are we gonna ghost hunt for you today. Well. We go around saying yes girl mean he army. And that she. Is someone who basically had never match and like 2008. About 2012. For work had to call and not change your own outfit that I've made the bar. And there she mysteriously. Disappeared she. Working out in our wire now. And the truth of the matter. Recently yet is acting. Greens are out here then why are there any error that never. I just don't turn. Out like that about her. Sure it out there want or are hurt so. Ancient thing. Since somebody that you talk to and when you guys are chat on the phone. Ford. Work purposes I'm guessing that if he talked every single day it's advocates know each other and chatty each other time. Back up every day girl's story here. That there are. That she. Strained. Like. You know are under. This sounds. So creepy. Yeah I get any you've never matter in person you don't even know it she looks like you're having these dreams about her aunts and I you on a tracker down. Four or five years after you. Last candidate apparently there. I don't I could become a street so. Is your pitchers and rekindling a French or is it romantic interests. I mean it may get the French I'm Mary Peters told my wife about dream that she actually suggests there. I call it there. OK so it's not a manic at all. Not at war despite having injury. You know what compelled. Our earth. So may be you feel like there's some sort of sign in the universe trying to point to like she might need your friendship at this time or something like that. How close. Like on a scale of one to ten and how close really worry you guys. Is France. Because even though you talked every day. That doesn't mean you guys are like super close as it started you talk about personal stuff everyday. All the well first well some I would say it ADR ill on that Angela they're sick. Okay. That's pretty well I mean I think it's tiny I think it is if then it'll be an eight reunion. All right well what we can do is with the information you have now is I understand it you don't have a last name. You don't even know what city she's in all you know is the name of the company that she worked for. Five years ago four years ago. Okay this that isn't gonna takes hunt down and it's war. So. How did you guys like say goodbye or how did you leave it did you not exchange numbers or anything. Well I called like I normally I am volatile after the problem you know that steady. If we do they. You know achieved a shoot at her mercy. Maybe she fired a scandalous. And oceans leading. All right so what we'll do is we will track down this mystery Amy at this mystery. Company and will try to find her if we do tomorrow at this time we call her we see if she is interested reuniting with you. And if so we have a success photos sent and you guys live happily ever after. Starring 841.