Elephant in the Room: My Friend Put Me in a Coma!

Tuesday, May 31st


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Starring 84 weren't Ibaka tramp and Chelsea Clinton have been best. Pass right now they've got a big elephant in the room. Obviously the presidential election and yet at least and the fact that. Among his dad and Chelsea's momma gonna be dragging each other through the mud. So they've got a big elephant in the room talking to you about the elephant in your friendship for a 47419400. HIC what is the elephant three. Well in college diet that's right and I worked out when I moderate drinking and that she custody. A little apart and I ended up pulling and hitting my hat on the curb and I hit it in the job that. Way and I ended up in a coma for. You're kidding. A little kind of themselves where you are you all better now. Yeah I find that there were no lasting effect it jet it was that perfect if mr. Absolutely the wrong way the ball. OK so why did she push you in the first place. So quickly being silly things she did it was. We weren't hiding anything like that is just too stupid drunk girl and we're playing NC post in its way up. And you guys you'd bill wait wait it weird about. That. Do you ever hold that over her and me like I was in a coma for three weeks to totally. Perfect. Now starring 841.